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The following pictures are from a variety of sources. We hope that you enjoy them. If you have any of your own that you would like to display on the page, send an e-mail with the attached scanned file, or send a copy of the photo and we will do the scanning.

Isaac Berry Langford at the livrey (ca 1900)

Burt, Allie and Allie Joe (1942)

Mildred Langford Cohen (ca 1920)

Villa, Jennie and Ivy Langford (ca 1900)

Allie Langford (ca 1910)

Mary Ann Banta

Henry Wilson Banta

Charles Snell and Jennie Langford (ca 1915)

Mary Langford with Eldon and Othell (ca 1917)

Benjamin Franklin "Frank" and Mary Hay Langford (1949)

Leah, Villa and Jennie Langford (ca 1902)

Catherine Quade Snell and Joe Frank Golibart (ca 1920)

Ivy and his parents on the way from Brenham to Bandera (ca 1921)

Lee Wilson Langford Family in front of their Frio ranch house (ca 1907)

William Lee Langford and his son, James Wilson "Donelle" (ca 1930)

Marion Sutherland Chipman Preston

Mary Hay Langford, Lora Langford, and other ladies
(ca 1960)

Alvin Preston Langford (ca 1920)

Will Hay visits in the summer of 1939