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Bandera Masonic Lodge, N.324

Members of the Bandera Masonic Lodge, N.324, chartered in 1870. For 35 years it was the outstanding Masonic Lodge in the Hill Country.
From left to right: 1. John J. Bandy, 2. George Elam, 3. Bill Davenport,
4. George Hay, 5. H.H.Carmichael, 6. Charles W. Harris, 7. Henry Rackow,
8. Unknown, 9. Lee Risinger (married Georgianna Hay), 10. W. D. (Seco) Smith,
11. Henry Carmichael, 12. Marsh Click, 13. Ben Bennett, 14. Joe Carmichael,
15 George T. Lincoln, 16. W. M. Hartley, 17. F. W. Ducrow, 18. Captain Goodman
Photo taken in 1888.