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David Cryer

David Cryer, Martha Ann Rowland's first husband, was killed by Indians. He and another man, named Foster, went to Bandera from Hondo Canyon to get supplies. They started back to Hondo Canyon across the mountains through Tarpley Pass. When they reached a point near Sugar Loaf Mountain, about ten miles from bandera, they were attacked by five Indians at the head of a ravine. Cryer, who was driving the team, was shot in the back and fell backward from his seat into the bed of the wagon. Foster secured the reins and whipped the team into a run. The Indians followed and continued to shoot arrows. The flight was over a rocky road, and during the race the wagon bed jolted up over a wheel and the horses, not being able to run with it in that condition, slowed. The Indians, though, were on foot and unable to catch the wagon. During the ride Cryer suffered terible agony, bouncing from one side of the wagon to another, with the arrow still in his body. Dr. O. B. Miles extracted the arrow and dressed the wound, but Cryer died three days later.