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Bandera County Family Histories in this section of the Courier:
A letter to Polish Descendants & Residents of Bandera County Published Jan. 5, 2006
Franz Jureczki and Jacob Jureczki Published Jan. 5, 2006
Franz Kalka Family
Part One
Published Oct. 13, 2005
Franz Kalka Family
Part Two
Published Oct. 20, 2005
Felix Laskowski Family
Part One
Published Sept. 29, 2005
Felix Laskowski Family
Part Two
Published Oct. 6, 2005
Ludwig Morawiets (Moravietz) family
Part 1 of 2
Published Sept. 15, 2005
Moravietz family, Part 2
Continuation of the children of Thomas, Catharina, Anna, and Maria Morawietz.
Published Sept. 22, 2005
John Dugosh (Jan Johann Dlugosz), Part 1 John Dugosh (Jan Johann Dlugosz), Part 2
Albert Haiduk (Part 5) (Part 6)
(Part 7) Casper Kalka (Part 8)
Helen Mazurek (Part 13)
A letter to Polish Descendants & Residents of Bandera County
by Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Jan. 5, 2006
   The first time I asked the Bandera County Courier if they would print the histories of Bandera’s Polish Immigrants for the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Parish, without hesitation, the answer was a quick "Yes." The Polish descendants and residents of Bandera and Bandera County should know that Gail Joiner, the Publisher- Editor of the Courier donated space for almost one year to this project. Without the Courier’s generosity, these Polish histories would still be on my computer waiting to be printed. I have received many letters since the first history appeared in the Courier. Many people are sending me pictures and information. The information for Bandera’s Polish histories keeps growing.
    The Polish Genealogical Society of Texas was pleased to get Bandera’s Polish histories and has featured them in their Summer 2005 Periodical Edition. A Special Edition dedicated to Bandera, Bandera County, and St. Stanislaus Catholic Parish history. A copy has been sent to the Library of the U. S. Congress. If anyone is interested in purchasing this book, please call Elenora Goodley at 210-695-3958 or Annette Schulte at 830-796-4566.
    When I received my copy of the Polish Footprints, the Bandera Special Edition, and after reading through the book, I found that I had sent the Jureczki workshop transcript, not the corrected and updated version. After checking the history I had sent to the Courier, it too was the Jureczki workshop transcript. Again I called Gail Joiner and she immediately told me to send her the corrected transcript and she would run the full story again.
    To the Jureczki family, I apologize and deeply regret this mistake. I have printed correction sheets that will be included with each Polish Footprints copy.
    There is some exciting news for the Jureczki descendants. After the Jureczki history was first featured in the Courier, a picture of Thecla Matyszek Jureczki was sent to me by Theresa Batto Helbert. Theresa’s great-grandmother, Frances Jureczki Pyka, daughter of Thecla Matyszek Jureczki, had this picture. This is a picture of one of Bandera’s first Polish settlers. It is a rare find. Thecla Matyszek married Jacob Jureczko in Jemielnica, Poland. She was born Sept. 20, 1825 in Grodzisko, Poland and baptized Sept. 22, 1825 in St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz, Poland. It is not known when this picture was taken but it had to be before 1910. Thecla Jureczki died in 1910 in Bandera. She was 85. The Polish Genealogical Society of Texas, the Panna Maria Historical Society of Panna Maria, Texas, and the Father Leopold Moczygemba Foundation are excited to have a picture of Thecla Matyszek. So thank you, Theresa Helbert!
    The corrected Jureczki history is published below.
Franz Jureczki and Jacob Jureczki
by Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Jan. 5, 2006
Thecla Matysek Jureczko wife of Jacob Jureczko Born September 20, 1825, in Grodzisko, Poland. Picture taken before 1910
   Franz Jureczki (Jureczko) was the son of Jacob Jureczki and Sophia Graca. He was born April 19, 1828 in Laziska, Poland. Franz married Caroline Koza of Jemielnica, Poland on Nov. 25, 1851. They had two children born in Poland, Hayacinth and Johana. Hayacinth was baptized on Aug. 22, 1853 and died five days after birth. Hayacinth was buried in Jemielnica, Poland.
    Johana (Annie) was born Aug. 29, 1854 and was five weeks old when Franz and Caroline sailed for America. Franz and Caroline spent their first Christmas in America in Panna Maria. They left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera in early 1855. In 1856, Franz purchased two lots in Bandera and 40 acres of land on the Julian Creek. Franz and Caroline had four more children born in Bandera: Ignatz (Ignatius), Joseph, Maria and Albert. Franz’s signature was on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County. In 1860, Franz was listed as a farmer and grocer. He owned five milk cows, two working oxen, and 11 other cattle. Franz became a U.S. citizen in the spring of 1860. His application stated "…Francis Jurecko has resided in the United States five years at least, …and during this time he has behaved himself as a man of good moral character."
    During the War Between the States in 1862, Franz served in the Third Frontier District as a private under Captain Bladen Mitchell. The roster listed his weapon as a shotgun. Franz used to walk from Bandera to San Antonio and back and usually took his dog with him. One time his dog did not go on the trip. During the walk back to Bandera that night, Franz was getting tired. He turned off the road to get some sleep. Soon, a party of Indians passed by. Franz said that if his dog had been with him, its barking would have given him away and he would probably have been killed. Franz took an active part in the community, serving as constable and grand juror. He was also the St. Stanislaus Church sexton and took care of the general maintenance of the church. In 1876, Franz built a beautiful two-story limestone house on the town lot in Bandera across the street from St. Stanislaus Church. It was an Alsatian-style home, suggesting the influence of the homes in Castroville. The Jureczki house was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places by Don and Peggy Tobin in January 1980. Franz died Jan. 9, 1897 and Caroline died June 5, 1902. They are both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Johana (Annie) Jureczki was born in 1853 and married John Anderwald, the son of Franz and Elizabeth Anderwald, in 1872. Their children, John C. and Mary Magdalene, were featured in the Anderwald article. John died in 1929. Annie died in 1935.
    Ignatz (Ignatius) was the first child born to Franz and Caroline in Bandera in 1857. Ignatius never married and moved away from Bandera at a young age. He returned to Bandera for occasional visits but eventually his family lost tract of him; however, in the 1880 census, Ignatius was shown as being 23 years old and living at home with his parents.
    Joseph Jureczki was born about 1859 in Bandera. Additional information has not yet been found on Joseph. Mara Jureczki was born in 1866 in Bandera. She was baptized in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in June 1866. Additional information has not yet been found on Maria.
    Albert Jureczki was born in 1868 in Bandera. Albert played baseball and was on Bandera’s first baseball team in the 1880s. For a short time, Albert lived in Boerne and carried the mail from Boerne to Bandera. He returned to Bandera and was engaged in ranching. In 1896, Albert married Joanna Czerner. Joanna was the daughter of Albert Czerner and Renate Ibrom, who emigrated from Poland in 1855 and settled in Panna Maria. By 1880, the Czerner family was living in Bandera. Albert and Joanna had three children: Henry I, Thomas and Ignatius. For many years, Albert was a cattle buyer and drove cattle to market in San Antonio. He sold his ranch to Dr. J. O. Butler and the ranch is now known as the "Flying L Ranch." Albert served for over 50 years in Bandera as a law enforcement officer. He was deputy sheriff under sheriffs Tom York, Sam Smith, Henry Stevens and Billy Burnes. In 1945, Albert was honored for 50 years of service by members of the court and courthouse officials. He loved his work and served as door bailiff for two years when Johnny Faris was sheriff. Albert also worked for the sanitary board as tick inspector for a number of years. Albert was an outstanding citizen, serving Bandera well. Annie died in 1954 and Albert died in 1957.
    Henry was born in 1896. Henry married Thelma L. Duff in Bandera in 1924. Thelma L. served as county treasurer of Bandera County for 26 years. She was a member of the Professional Women’s Association of Bandera. Henry died in 1959 and Thelma died in 1993. Henry and Thelma L. had two children, Harvey and Thelma Jean. Son Harvey was stillborn. Thelma Jean attended grammar school and high school in Bandera. She moved to Colorado in the late 1950s and married Charles Kuhn. Thelma J. and Charles have four children: Jeffery, Lisa, Kevin, and Joanna. After Thelma Jean’s daughter Lisa was born, Thelma Jean discovered that her grandmother’s name was Joanna. She loved the name Joanna and said, " if I ever have another daughter, I will name her Joanna." A number of years later, Thelma J. and Charles had another daughter and named her Joanna. Just recently their daughter, Joanna, discovered that her great-grandmother was born in 1871. Joanna was born in 1971, 100 years later.
    Thomas was born in 1902. Thomas served honorably in the U.S. Army in WW I and WW II. While serving in WW ll, Thomas was a Corporal in the Corps Detachment of Patients, 1803rd Service Command Unit in Europe. Thomas lived in California and later moved to Bandera where he spent the rest of his life. Thomas died in 1960.
    Ignatius (Naish) was born in 1906. Naish left home at a young age. He went to Arizona where he worked at the Grand Canyon for a number of years. He moved to California and lived out the rest of his life in Pacific Grove. He was married and has a daughter, Lynda Gail. Ignatius died in 1983.
    Jacob Jureczki (Jureczko) was born in 1823 in Laziska, Poland. Jacob was the son of Jacob Jureczko and Sophia Graca and was the older brother of Franz Jureczki. He was baptized in St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz, Poland. Jacob married Thecla Matysek in Jemielnica, Poland in 1849. Jacob and Thecla’s seven children were all born in Poland: Leonard, Polycarp, Jacob Jr., Francis Albert (Franz), Annie (Johanna), Frances (Franzka) and Joseph. Jacob Jr. died in 1854 in Poland. The Jacob Jureczki family received their document of dismissal from Prussian citizenship in Opole, Poland July 7, 1856. They sailed to America on the ship Suwa and arrived in Galveston in January 1867. Jacob and his family settled in Bandera where Jacob’s brother, Franz, was living. In 1867, Jacob registered his cattle brand and in 1868 Jacob purchased 60 acres of land for $100 on the Medina River near Bandera. By 1880, the Jureczki farm appreciated to $250. Jacob became a U.S. citizen Oct. 31, 1883 in Bandera. After 20 years, the value of Jacob’s property steadily increased when he paid taxes on 60 acres valued at $300. Jacob paid taxes on a wagon assessed at $10, two horses or mules valued at $30, 15 cattle worth $60 and a hog for $1. Jacob died Nov. 19, 1888 and Thecla died July 2, 1910 in Bandera. They are both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Leonard Jureczki was born Aug. 12, 1850. As a young man, Leonard worked as an ox-team freighter hauling supplies between Bandera and San Antonio. Leonard had many encounters with Indians but was never attacked. Leonard met Rosalie, the daughter of Albert and Josephine Haiduk. Leonard loved Rosalie but had been slow in asking her to marry him. In the early 1870s, when the Medina River flooded the Haiduk’s house, Leonard braved the flood to come and rescue Rosalie and her family. By the time he got to the Haiduk’s house, Rosalie had already rescued her family. Leonard assisted the Haiduk family through shallow water for two miles to the farm of a neighbor where they were given dry clothes and food. Afterwards, Leonard asked his beloved Rosalie to marry him. He married Rosalie Haiduk in 1873 in Bandera. Leonard was a hard worker. He hauled the stone used in the construction of the Bandera Courthouse from his farm. Leonard and Rosalie had 12 children: Joanna, John, Kate, Urban, Frank, Rose, Thomas, Albert, Stella, Lucille, Cecila and Matilda. Leonard died in 1941.Rosalie died in 1947.
    Annie (Joanna) was born in 1873 and married John William Anderwald in 1891, the son of Valentine and Josephine Anderwald. Annie and John were the parents of eight children: Frances, Mark, Susan, Jerome, Albina, Barbara, Angelinta and George. Annie died in 1926. John was born in 1874. John never married and lived with Leonard and Rosalie in Bandera. He died in 1951.
    Kate was born in 1877. Kate left Bandera and lived in San Antonio.
    Urban was born in 1879. Urban married Mary Josephine Kalka in 1916. Urban and Mary were the parents of five children: Emil, Urban August, Alice, Ignatius Howard and Mary Gladys. Mary died in 1935. Urban died in 1956.
    Emil was born in 1917 and married Retta Mary Baker in1944. Urban August (Coby) was born in 1919. He married Estela Lopez. Coby and Estela had six children: Mary Ann, Coby Charles, David, Stella (Elaine), Daniel, and Lawrence. Mary Ann (Ruskin) had three children: Helena, Teran, and Charlie. Coby Charles was killed by a drunk driver. David and wife Elaine live in Leon Springs. They have one son, Bryan. David is a building and remodeling contractor. David remembers when his dad used to plow the fields in Bandera. David would bring his dad the lunch his mom prepared. It was frustrating for his dad because along the way, David would stop now and then noticing all the hidden treasurers underground. Sometimes his dad would take David with him to plow. The idea of having to get up before the sun was up, gassing up the tractor and greasing the equipment was pure misery for David. Now when David looks back, he remembers these as special times between father and son and believes his dad was teaching him responsibility and the reward of hard work. David was enlightened by the soft side of a very tough man, his dad Urban August. David’s sister Elaine (mother of Shelia, Chante and Royce) is married to Ed Barnes. Daniel and his wife Debbie live in Florida and their children are Savanah and Blaine. Lawrence and his wife, Karen, live in Johnson City. Their children are Kalyn and Kelya.
    Ignatius Howard married Ruby Singleton. They had two children, Cynthia and Howard. Cynthia married Louis Martin Clements. Their children are Christoper, Collin and Brandon.
    Frank was born in 1896.
    Rose was born in 1884. Rose left Bandera and lived in San Antonio. Albert was born in 1889. Albert married Helen Mazurek. Albert and Helen were the parents of nine children: Leonard (Leo), Beatrice, Lloyd, Gervasius, Richard, Mildred, twins Agatha and Ametia, and Charles (Frankie). The twin babies, Agatha and Ametia, died after birth in 1928.
    Leo’s first marriage was to Alice Spratt in 1939. Leo and wife Mary Ann had two children, Steve, who never married, and Angela, who married Brian Cummings. Leo is 90 and still lives in Bandera.
    Beatrice married Paul Laskowski in Bandera in 1936. Paul gave Beatrice $5 to buy a wedding dress and some personnel items. She had enough money left to get her hair permed. Beatrice and Paul had four children: Gladys, Betty, Edward and Tommy. Beatrice met Paul in Bandera and it was a Polish love story at first sight. From their first Valentine’s Day together, Paul courted Beatrice with a box of Valentine chocolates every year. Gladys said he probably bought close to 70 boxes before his death in 2003 and always told Beatrice how beautiful she was. Every night Paul looked at their wedding picture that set on the dresser next to the bed, and then looked at Beatrice and smiled. Beatrice died in April, 2005. Gladys married Johnie Schmidt. They live in Bandera County and their children are Vivian, Gergory, Daniel, Lorielle and Timothy.
    Betty married Kenneth DeSpain. They had three children: Kenneth (Kenny), Robert, and Daphine. Betty and Kenneth live in Wyoming. Edward and wife Annette Miller live in Montgomery and their children are Tamberlyn, Edward and Jason. Tommy and wife Janice Whitaker live in Nevada and their children are Shelley and Shawne. Lloyd married Lillie Miller in 1940. Their children are Loretta and Kenneth.
    Richard served his country from 1942 to 1945 during WW II. Richard was a PFC in Battery C, 951st Field Artillery Battalion. Battles fought were Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.
    Mildred married Elden Collier. Elden served his country during WW II. Elden died in 1981.
    Mildred lives in Wyoming.
    Charles Frank married Nancy Williams. Charles and Nancy settled in Albuquerque, N.M.
    Stella was born in 1891. Stella married Charles Stephens, a Greek immigrant. They had one girl, Eunyse, who married Edwin Riley. Eunyse and Edwin’s only child, Edwin Jr., founded Riley Mack Sales and the Mack Truck distributing company.
    Lucille was born in 1894. Lucille left Bandera and lived in San Antonio.
    Cecilia was born in 1897. Cecilia married Dan Cannelis, also a Greek immigrant. Their children were Arthur, Nellie, Constantine, Howard, Velma, Dorothy and Lloyd.
    Matilda was born in 1900. Matilda married twice. Her first husband was Mr. Ennis and her second husband was Charlie McHugo. Matilda died in 1988.
    Polycarp Jureczki was born Jan. 23, 1852. He married Maria Czerner in 1875. Polycarp and Maria’s children were: Bernard, John, and Mary. Bernard married Mary Jones and their children were Maria, Angeline, Marian, Louis, Alice, Bernard Stephen, and Dorothy. Bernard’s son, Louis, married Lorian Ballaghan.
    John married Albina Adamietz and their children were Margaret, Joseph, Frances, George and Walter. Albina died in 1943. John died in 1954. Their daughter Margaret married Thomas (Tom) Mazurek and their children were Elmyra, Thomas C., William, Walter and Margaret.
    (Franz) was born Aug. 3, 1855. He married Frances Kalka in 1879. Francis Albert and Frances’ children were Genevieve, Hedwig, Casamir, Antone, Policarp, Agatha, Josephine and Victoria. Their five daughters left Bandera and went to live in San Antonio.
    Casamir married Myrtle Lewis.
    Antone married Lucy Anderwald and they had a daughter, Helen.
    Agatha married John R. Duffin. Agatha and John’s nine children were Helen, Dorothy, Leonard, Lawrence, Beatrice, Frances, Robert, Jack and Gail. Agatha and John’s son Leonard married Rosalie Wendland. Leonard and Rosalie’s children were Patricia, Paula, Michael and Leonard.
    Leonard and Rosalie’s daughter Paula married Douglas Piper.
    Victoria married Charles Lambert. The Lamberts were the parents of Eugene, Charles (Bubba), Genevieve and Marjorie. Frances Albert died in 1879. Frances dies in 1936.
    Johanna (Annie) was born in 1857. She married Charles Haiduk in 1873. Annie and Charles had five children: Marciana, Felix, Simon, Frances and Mary (children were featured in the Haiduk story). Charles disappeared in 1922. Annie died in 1938.
    Frances (Franzka) was born in 1860 and married Frank Pyka in 1883 in Bandera. The children of Frances and Frank Pyka will be featured later in the Pyka story.
    Joseph was born in 1863. No additional information has yet been found.
    The Jureczki brothers worked hard and were successful in building a new life in Texas. They were active members of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church and two of Bandera’s outstanding Polish families. The Franz Jureczki home on the corner of Cypress and 7th Street in Bandera is a monument to their hard work and achievements.
Franz Kalka Family
Part One
by Eleanora Dugosh Goodley
Published Oct. 13, 2005
Anton and Ella Kalka, no date.
Sister Chantal (Mary Elizabeth Kalka), daughter of Franciszik and Franciska Kalka.
Picture of Valentine (Slim) Kalka, son of Albert and Elizabeth Anderwald Kalka
L-R, Frances Kalka Jureczki, Rose Kalka, and Victoria Kalka Morawietz. Daughters of Franciszik and Franciska Lycek Kalka.
   Franciszek Franz (Frank) Kalka was born in Prussia (Poland) Jan. 25, 1825. He married Franciska (Frances) Lycek in Poland. It is believed that they came from the small village of Broaczy in Southeastern Poland south of Zywiec. Broaczy is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Broaczy Mountains. Frank and Frances had eight children born in Poland: Peter, Anton, Albert, Frances, Mary Elizabeth, Charles, Rose, Joseph Frank. Frank and Frances, with their children, came to America sometime in the early spring or late summer of 1876. No ship records have yet been found. They stayed in Cat Springs where their daughter Victoria was born. After a few months, Frank and Frances decided to leave Cat Springs. They arrived in Bandera in 1877. They were surprised to find that a few Kalka families were already living in Bandera, but they did not know anyone in these families and could not establish a common identity.
    Frank and Frances purchased land for farming in Bandera County south of the Medina River, later know as the Oak Mound Farm. While building a two-room rock house, the Kalka family lived in a two-story log cabin that belonged to Frank Jureczki on what is now known as the Flying L Ranch. The following years were difficult. A terrible drought occurred shortly after they arrived and there was very little food. Frances would cook a big pot of mush with molasses for dinner. Acorns were parched and ground to make coffee.
    Learning the ways of a new country, a new language and trying to save money was not easy. They dug a well, built a rock cattle pen and a log corncrib. They planted corn, cotton, and sugarcane. The farm animals included horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens and pigeons. Livestock was driven to San Antonio to market and cotton bales were hauled to Center Point. On one of the trips to Center Point a tragedy occurred. Frank and son Joe were going up a hill. The cotton bales began to shift in the wagon. Frank stopped and tried to move the bales back when a bale fell and crushed him. Joe drove the wagon with his injured father back to Bandera. Frank received the last rites before he died Dec. 1, 1891. Frances died April 3, 1898. They are both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Peter Kalka was born in Poland. Birth records have not yet been found. It is not known if Peter stayed in Poland or perhaps died there.
    Anton Kalka was born about 1857. He is supposed to have died of pneumonia in Mexico Feb. 15, 1904, where he worked in a mine. He married Ella M. (last name unknown) in Bandera. Anton and Ella had a daughter, Katherine Kalka.
    Albert Kalka was born April 21, 1860. He married Elizabeth Anderwald Nov. 19, 1894 in Bandera. Albert died Feb. 16, 1944. Elizabeth died March 11, 1946. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Albert and Elizabeth had seven children: Sebastian, Mary Magdalen, Barbara, Florentina, Lusianaus, Cunegunda (Gundy) and Valentine (Slim).
    Sebastian married Irene Skibinski. No birth date or death record has yet been found.
    Mary was born July 9, 1896 in Cestahowa. She married Thomas Stephen Laskowski in San Antonio April 6, 1921. Thomas was the younger brother of Felix Laskowski. Mary and Thomas had a son, Gilbert Ignatius, born in San Antonio Feb. 1, 1922. They settled in Bandera where Thomas sold insurance. Two children, Eugene and Lucille Gladys, were born in Bandera. After living in Bandera for several years, Thomas moved his family to Del Rio. Mary died in 1994 in Del Rio. No death record has yet been found for Thomas Laskowski.
    Gilbert lived in Bandera as a young boy. He grew up in Del Rio. Gilbert married Magdalena Suer May 14, 1958. Gilbert and Magdalena settled in Alexandria, Va. Gilbert died Feb. 26, 2004. Magdalena still lives in Alexandria. They had four children: Patricia, Thomas Jacob, Suzanne, and Jessica Maria. Patricia married Richard Kristobek and their two children were Andrew and Natalie. Thomas Jacob married D'Ann Leggett and they had four children: Julia, Emily, Thomas Jacob Jr. and Chris Anne. Suzanne married Michael Collier and they had two sons, Michael Jacob and Christopher Thomas. Jessica Marie married Stephen LaFlamme and they had two children, Nicholas and Grace.
    Eugene was born in 1924 in Bandera, died in 2000. He married Gladys Smith May 14, 1958. They settled in Dallas. No children have yet been found.
    Lucile Gladys was born in 1925 in Bandera. She grew up in Del Rio. Lucile married Robert Williams Jr. Oct. 15, 1949. They had seven children: Robert Joseph, Mary Lynn, Elizabeth Ann, Thomas Clayton, Patrick Eugene, Teresa Marie and Michael Christopher. They live in Killeen.
    Barbara was born Dec. 4, 1898 in Bandera County. She died March 28, 1957 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Florentina was born in Bandera County Sept. 21, 1903. In 1938, she married Floyd Dornstin at St. Mary's Catholic Church in San Antonio. No children have been found for Florentina and Floyd. No death record has yet been found for Florentine.
    Lucianaus was born Dec. 29, 1905 in Bandera County. No death record has yet been found.
    Cunegunda (Gundy) was born Dec. 29, 1906 in Bandera County. She died March 22, 1984 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Valentine (Slim) was born Oct. 27, 1909. He died Jan. 19, 1979. He went to St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School. Slim married Magdalen Dugosh, the daughter of Kasper and Josephine Dugosh, in St. Stanislaus Church Sept. 5, 1940. Slim worked for Western Electric in San Antonio. Later, he returned to Bandera and operated a lumber company with Tom Anderwald. It was located next to the old Ice House. Slim started his electric shop, Kalka Electric, in 1945. He wired many of the buildings in Bandera. Slim was very active in St. Stanislaus Parish. He did all the electrical work for the church barbecues. He was on the St. Stanislaus Board of Trustees for 16 years and the Cemetery Association for 12 years. He received the Archbishop Furey Award at San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio. Slim was also a member of Knights of Columbus and the Holy Name Society. Their four children were Valentine Jr., Gregory Thomas, Justina J. and Kenneth. They adopted a 10-day old baby girl named Donna Antoinette. Valentine Jr., Gregory Thomas and Justina J. died in infancy.
    Kenneth was born in 1942. He attended St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School. In 1964, Kenneth graduated from St. Mary's University in San Antonio with a BBA degree in finance. Kenneth served his country for two years in the U.S. Army. His tours included El Paso and Korea. In 1977, Kenneth married Janet Stovall. Janet had a son, William Robert. Kenneth and Janet have two children, Valerie Leigh and Melissa Dawn. Kenneth and Janet live in Mesquite.
    Donna Antoinette was born in Portland, Ore. in 1956. Donna married Greg Gleenon. Their children are Kerry, Brian and Claire.
    Frances Kalka was born Sept. 28, 1855 in Prussia. She married Francis Albert Jureczki Aug. 25, 1879 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. Francis Albert died in 1918. Frances died Aug. 8, 1936. Their eight children were: Genevieve, Hedwig, Casimir, Antone, Policarp, Agatha, Josephine and Victoria. Most of the children of Frances and Francis Jureczki were featured in the Franz Jureczki history. Their daughter, Hedwig, who married Alex Pyka was featured in the John Pyka history. Genevieve was born Jan. 3, 1881 and died in Sept. 1929. She married Minor Wilkes. Genevieve was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Mary Elizabeth Kalka was born Aug. 2, 1856 in Prussia. She grew up and went to school in Bandera. When Mary was 26, she entered the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Convent in San Antonio and was professed Sister Chantal on Aug. 15, 1884. She made her perpetual vows March 19, 1891. Sister Chantal served in Catholic schools, hospitals, orphanages and in 1921 taught school at St. Joseph's School in Bandera. She was a nun for 40 years before her death on Nov. 17, 1924. Sister Chantal was buried in the Incarnate Word Convent Cemetery in San Antonio.
Franz Kalka Family
Part Two
by Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Oct. 20, 2005
Charles and Julia Frances Grodzelik Kalka, no date.
Joe Frank Kalka and Mary Annie Anderwald, Feb. 11, 1896.
L-R, Joe Frank, Mary Annie, Emelia, Cecelia, Frances, Christine, Anthony, Frank John, and Ignatius.
1984, Annette and Jean Kalka receiving the Texas Land Heritage Award from John Hightower, in Austin, Texas.
   Charles Kalka was born March 27, 1858 in Prussia. When Charles was a young man, he left Bandera and traveled throughout the United States working in various places. He was only five feet and weighed about 135 pounds but helped construct a drawbridge across the Mississippi River and also worked in coal mines. After living in America for 20 years, Charles received his certificate of naturalization Nov. 16, 1896 in the Minnesota District Court.
    Charles married Julia Frances Gordzelik in Peoria, Ill., Feb. 23, 1886. Julia was born in Szedrik, Germany, in 1862. Charles and Julia moved to Fairmont, Minnesota, where their four daughters were born: Belle, Martha, Rose and Helen. In 1892, his wife Julia developed rheumatism. The winters in Minnesota were extremely cold and were not good for Julia's health. They decided to move to Nebraska where Charles farmed to support his family. Six more children were born in Nebraska: Julia, Louis, Frances, John, Charlie (lived only one day) and Edward (Eddie).
    In 1907, because of his wife's rheumatism, Charlie decided to move his family to Mc Lean. He leased some land and began farming. In 1915, Charles purchased a section of grassland seven miles northeast of White Deer for $10 an acre. He bought a two-story house that was built in 1913 near White Deer and moved it to their section of land in McLean. Charles enjoyed milking cows. One day, when he was milking cows in the barn, a windstorm took the roof off and threw it against the house, breaking many of the windows. Charles ignored everything and kept on milking. When Charles was 70, he purchased a new car and learned to drive. He had a hard time remembering how to operate the brakes and clutch. Instead of putting on the brake, he would accelerate through the garage and out the back. His son Eddie tired of repairing the back of the garage and added two doors across the back. Charles turned over the operation of the White Deer Ranch to son Eddie.
    Charles and wife Julia decided to travel, often making trips to the hot mineral baths around the country for Julia's rheumatism. On August 4, 1934 on one of their trips to New Mexico and California, Charles Kalka was killed on highway 60. His son-in-law, George Tulare, who often drove them, escaped injury, but Julia had serious internal injuries with deep cuts that required 138 stitches. Julia died July 3, 1935. Charles and Julia are both buried in the Sacred Heart Cemetery in White Deer. Most of their children married and stayed in the White Deer area. Charles and Julia Kalka had 40 grandchildren.
    Belle was born Dec. 1, 1886 and died January 15, 1975. Belle married Thomas Skibinski Nov. 18, 1907. They lived in White Deer. Belle and Thomas had seven children: Irene, Evangeline, Isabel, Margaret, Geraldine, Dorothy and Daniel.
    Martha was born April 13, 1888 and died Jan. 30, 1968. Martha married John Warminski Oct. 25, 1910. Their three children were Alice, Charles and Jean. Martha and John also lived in White Deer.
    Rose was born Dec. 27, 1889 and died April 4, 1959. Rose married Edward Czerner on Jan. 22, 1912. They had six children: a stillborn baby boy (name unknown), Cecilia, Gladys, Wilma, Alvin (deceased), and Claudine. Rose and Edward lived in White Deer. Helen was born March 28, 1892, died Nov. 28, 1972. She married Ed Warminski June 19, 1917. Helen and Ed also lived in White Deer. They had six children: Lawrence, Albert, Lucille, Lillian, Mildred and Donald.
    Julia was born Feb. 2, 1894 and died Nov. 7, 1986. Julia married George Tulare. They moved to Oregon where George bought shares in a gold mine. Julia and George had no children.
    Louis was born Aug. 26, 1896. Louis with his brothers, John and Eddie, rode horseback and drove cattle between two ranches in McLean and White Deer, camping out on the prairie at night. Louis married Mina Waldrop March 10, 1920. He bought the McLean land from his father, Charles, for $14 an acre. Louis and Mina had six children: Leonard, Beatrice, Dorothy, Carroll, Bill and Johnny. After Louis died on May 27, 1953, the McLean Ranch was left to his son Johnnie and daughter Beatrice.
    Frances was born Dec. 3, 1898 and died Jan. 15, 1987. She married Samuel Mazurek Oct. 24, 1922. They moved to Amarillo and farmed. Frances and Samuel had five children: Kenneth, Wanda Mae, Samuel Jr., Lois and Martha Ann.
    John was born Dec. 27, 1900 and died Jan. 31, 1980. He bought some land southwest of Panhandle. John married Lucille Gaston. They settled on his land in Panhandle. They had no children. John and Lucille divorced. John later married Alice Cooper, and they had no children.
    Eddie was born June 21, 1905 and died April 17, 1982. He married Rose Kotara Nov. 15, 1927. Eddie and Rose lived with his parents, Charles and Julia, on the White Deer Ranch. They had six children: Mary Ann, Evelyn, (deceased), Edward Charles, Patricia and twins Alvin and Robert. Eddie began a 50-50 partnership with his father in farming and ranching.
    Rose Kalka was born Aug. 5, 1867 in Prussia. She never married. Rose died Sept. 3, 1952, and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Joseph (Joe) Frank Kalka was born March 19, 1870 in Prussia. As a young man, Joe Frank helped his father operate the family farm in Bandera. After his father's death, Joe Frank continued operating the family farm. He stopped planting cotton because of the boll weevil. He put in a fruit orchard, planted sugar cane, and made molasses. Rev. J. Robert married Joe Frank and Mary Annie Anderwald Feb. 11, 1896 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. They were active members of St. Stanislaus, riding in a wagon or sometimes walking to church. On Sundays the family packed their lunch and ate it after church in the Sunday house across from the church. The men in the neighborhood gathered at Gabe Anderwald's, John Anderwald's or Frank Pyka's place on Sunday afternoons and played cards. Joe Frank loved to play the violin and sing with his family. Many neighborhood dances were held at the Kalka home with Joe Frank, Albert and Anton Jureczki playing the violin and guitar. Joe Frank died March 16, 1930. Mary Annie died July 6, 1946. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera. Joe Frank and Mary Annie were the parents of seven children: Emelia, Christine, Frank John, Anthony Joseph, Frances, Ignatius Theophil (Nick) and Cecelia.
    Emelia was born Dec. 30, 1896 in Bandera and died July 26, 1984. She was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Christine was born March 10, 1900 in Bandera and died March 29, 1991. She was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Frank John was born Aug. 27, 1904 in Bandera. As a young boy, Frank helped his father with the planting of crops and harvesting fruit. After his father passed away, Frank continued to operate the farm. He bought the first family tractor and disc plow. He started a dairy, milking cows by hand twice a day for 40 years. In the morning Frank would load the truck with bottles of fresh milk and drive across the Medina River up the hill into Bandera. He delivered fresh milk to many of the residents in Bandera. The name "Oak Mound Farm" was given to the Frank Kalka farm to distinguish it from other Kalka farms in Bandera. Frank married Evelyn Postert Dec. 30, 1935 in Saints Peter and Paul Church rectory in New Braunfels. Frank died March 21, 1980.
    Evelyn died June 5, 1988. They were both buried in Stanislaus Cemetery. Frank and Evelyn were the parents of two girls, Lois Annette and Nelda Jean. After Frank died, the ownership of the Oak Mound Farm was passed on to their daughters. In 1984, Oak Mound Farm was accepted into the Family Land Heritage Program sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture in recognition for continuous family farming for 100 years or more. The family received a certificate from the Commissioner of Agriculture, John Hightower, in a special ceremony at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.
    Annette was born in Bandera. She attended St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School and Incarnate Word College in San Antonio with a BA in Education. She married Charles (Sonny) Schulte March 11, 1984. They have no children. Annette and Sonny continue to operate the Oak Mound Farm and are active members of the Bandera community. Annette was a schoolteacher and taught 8th grade at Washington Irving Middle School in San Antonio. She retired in 1995. Annette is a member of the St. Stanislaus Historical Committee, the Bandera County Historical Commission, the Bandera County Retired Teachers Association, and past member of the Frontier Times Museum Board.
    Nelda Jean was born in Bandera. She attended St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School. After graduating from high school, Nelda Jean worked for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in San Antonio and then for the postal service in Bandera. Nelda Jean married William Neuman in Bandera. They had three children: Dawn, Leanne, and Paul. Dawn married Dale Ramsey and their three children are Garrett, Logan, and Lauren. Paul had a son, Christopher and is married to Judy Hicks. Nelda Jean lives in Bandera and is a bus driver for the Bandera Independent School District.
    Anthony Joseph (Tony) was born April 22, 1907 in Bandera. He married Louise Leferve in Bandera. Anthony died in 1977. Louise died in 1999. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Frances was born Feb. 8, 1913 in Bandera. Frances married Dewey Wilson Morrow. She died Dec. 12, 1966 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Ignatius Theophil (Nick) was born in Bandera Feb. 8, 1910. He married Virginia Howard June 10, 1944 in St. Stanislaus. Virginia died Sept. 9, 1975. Nick died Nov. 16, 1978. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Cecelia was born July 29, 1916 in Bandera. Cecelia never married. She died Sept. 23, 2005 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Victoria Kalka was born in 1877 in Cat Springs. Victoria's mother, Franciska, was glad to leave Poland because she was embarrassed to be 50 and pregnant. Victoria married Joseph Moravietz Jan. 19, 1904 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Bandera. Victoria died Sept. 22, 1970. Joseph died Dec. 10, 1965. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    The Franciszek Kalka family came to America searching for a better life. They were a loving family that willingly helped their neighbors and church. Their sacrifices and hard work created a good life and secure home in Bandera and many friends. Descendants of Franciszek Kalka still live in Bandera and the Texas Panhandle.
Felix Laskowski Family
Part One
By Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Sept. 29, 2005
Wedding picture of Felix and Annie Brzozowski Laskowski, November 28, 1897.
Picture of Anton and Anna Laskowski taken on their 50th wedding anniversary. Taken in the early 1920's
Picture of Laskowski Family, taken between 1930 & 1935 Top row L-R, Paul, Catherine, Theodore, Gertrude, Vincent, and Leo Bottom row L-R, Frank, Annie, Felix, and Sophie
   Felixium (Felix) Laskowski was born in Chicago, Ill. June 9, 1873. His parents were Anton Laskowski and Anna Grajewski of the Kingdom of Prussia (Poland). His grandparents were Laurence Laskowski and Julia Morkowski of Prussia. Felix's parents, with their sons Constant and Franz, sailed to America on the S. S. America from Bremen, Germany. Anton was listed as 29 and his occupation was a farmer. Their son Franz died and was buried at sea. Anton, Anna and son Constant arrived at Ellis Island, N.Y., March 28, 1873. They settled in Chicago, and lived in a small wood house behind a factory. Making a living in Chicago was difficult. Anton worked long hours in a furniture factory for little money. Anton and Annie had heard of large settlements of Polish immigrants in Panna Maria. When Felix was about a year old, they left Chicago and settled in St. Hedwig. Anton and Annie had 13 children: Constant, Franz, Felix, Teofil, Mary, Michael, Nicholas, Rosalia, Hedwig, Albina, Joseph, Leon and Thomas. Anna died in 1912. Anton died in 1926.
    Felix met Annie Brzozowski in Gonzales County. Annie was a beautiful girl. She was born Feb. 4, 1875 in Poland. Her parents were Thaddeus and Juliana Barton Brozozowki of Lublinetz (Lubschaw), Prussia. Six-year-old Annie and her sister Clara (11 months) came to America with their parents. They arrived Nov. 3, 1881 at the port of New York. The family traveled to Texas and settled in Guadalupe County. Later, they moved to Gonzales County. Thaddeus had been a butcher in Warsaw, Poland. He worked for a period of time in a New Braunfels butcher shop. Thaddeus and Juliana had 10 children: Annie, Clara, Paul, Edward, Louis, Emma, Joe, Otto, Alois, and Thado. Annie remembered this story her mother had told her many times. "We had boarded the ship to come to America. My mother was sad because she did not get to say goodbye to my grandmother. She did not come to see us off. As the ship was pulling away from the dock, grandmother appeared with feather comforters and pillows that she had made for us to take to America. My grandmother was screaming and waving her hands for the ship to come back. But the ship did not go back. With tears in our eyes and waving goodbye, this was the last time that my mother and I saw my grandmother."
    Father P. M. McMakon married Annie and Felix Laskowski in St. James Catholic Church in Sequin on Nov. 28, 1897. Soon after their marriage, Felix and Annie rented a small two-room house on a 100-acre cotton farm in Gonzales. They could speak only Polish. Felix raised cotton and made a decent living for his family. The family managed to put aside some money for a rainy day. Annie was tiny and petite, but could do the work of many. Felix and Annie had nine children while living in Gonzales: Theodore Paul, Gertrude, Vincent Alexander, Paul John, Clement, Emma, Leo, Catherine and Frank. About 1916, after many years of cotton farming and saving money, Felix started looking for some land. He learned from a neighbor in Gonzales that land was selling in Bandera County for $4 to $5 an acre. After checking out the land prices, Felix learned that the $4 and $5 specials were mostly hills and not good for farming. He checked into some land along the Medina River and purchased 235 acres at a cost of $17 an acre in Bandera County. It was located a few miles north of the Medina River and about 10 miles east of Bandera. A wood frame house and two barns were included. Felix did not have enough money to pay cash for it. He got a federal loan and bought the land in 1917. Finally, the Felix Laskowski family had the home they had dreamed about. The assets of the farm included; farm machinery (tractor), two wagons, four horses, milk cows, sheep, and some chickens. They planted cotton, wheat, hay, corn and large vegetable gardens. Felix and his sons sheered sheep for hire.
    In 1920, Annie gave birth to a daughter, Sophie Hedwig, in Bandera County. Felix and Annie were active members of St. Stanislaus Church in Bandera. Felix and son Paul made trips to San Antonio to get supplies for St. Stanislaus, sometimes taking three days or more. Annie baked cakes, pies, and homemade breads for the priests of St. Stanislaus and the nuns of St. Joseph's School. Felix donated his time, skills, and made repairs whenever the church needed it. Felix was a trustee for Dug Springs School in 1926 and 1927. After most of their children married and moved away, Felix and Annie sold their farm and purchased a small house on 3rd Street in Bandera. Son Frank lived with them until their deaths. Felix died Dec. 6, 1960. Annie died Feb. 21,1965. Both Felix and Annie were buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Theodore (Ted) Paul Laskowski was born March 26, 1899. In his young life Ted worked long hours in the fields helping his dad with the farm. He did not attend school and was educated by his younger sister, Gertrude, who attended school and taught him what she had learned. Ted was a skilled rock mason and carpenter. In 1921, during the building of St. Joseph's school, Ted worked in a rock quarry in Bandera. Ted repaired and helped build many of the older houses in Bandera. He cut wood for fireplaces and stoves and sold it to many residents in Bandera. Ted married Rose Mary (Rosa) Adamietz Feb. 3, 1927 in St. Peters Catholic Church in Boerne. They settled in Bandera, bought a lot, and built a house on the corner of Cypress and 4th Street. The house is still there with the rock face that Ted never found time to finish. Rosa made some of the best potato salad in Bandera. Ted helped cook the barbecue for the annual St. Stanislaus Catholic Parish picnic in Mansfield Park. Ted died March 18, 1966. Rosa died Aug. 30, 1970. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Ted and Rosa raised four children: Frances, Susie, Fred and Louis, who were all born in Bandera, attended St. Joseph's Grammar School, and graduated from Bandera High School.
    Frances Agnes was born Jan. 5, 1928. She died April of 1998 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Frances was a happy girl and was loved by her classmates in St. Joseph's School. After Frances graduated from high school, she moved to San Antonio and was a chef at a prominent restaurant in San Antonio. Frances had a son, Roger Charles. Frances and her son Roger moved back to Bandera. They lived in her father's house on 4th Street. Frances worked at old Pollock's Corner Drug Store on Main Street. She was once voted the "Town Grouch" in Bandera, received a plaque, and often bragged about it. Frances' son Roger graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in electrical engineering. Roger married Theresa Lazo. They had two children, Jennifer and Christopher. Roger and Theresa live in San Antonio. Their daughter Jennifer married Steven Cortez and they had a daughter, Alyssa.
    Susie Bridget was born Dec. 1, 1930. She was popular among the students in the Bandera schools. After high school, Susie left Bandera and went to live and work in San Antonio. She married Marvin Leo Thomas June 29, 1957. Marvin Leo died June 22, 1992. Susie lives in San Antonio with her daughter, Marie. Susie and Marvin raised five children: Marvin Jr., Marie, Theodore Thomas, Rose and Daphna. Marvin Jr. married Reagen Hennessey in 1981. They had two children, Marvin II and Mariana. Marie married Mario Diaz in 1987. Their four children were Susan, Janelle, Mario Jr. and Joseph. Theodore Thomas married Gloria Carces in 1992. They had four children: Corey, Victoria, Tyler, and Justin.
    Rose married Robbie Castro in 1983. They had a daughter, Rachel.
    Daphna married Victor Romas in 1979. They had five children: Stephanie, Victor Jr., Xanthie, Tiffanie and Theresa.
    Fred Alex (Freddy) was born Feb. 11, 1933. Freddy spent most of his young life in Bandera helping his family. He was happy, kind and loved by those who knew him. His mother taught him to cook. Freddy served his country in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. He was an Air Force cook. Later, he moved to San Antonio and worked in construction. Freddy never married. He died Aug. 26, 1973. He was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Louis Ted was born Aug. 17, 1937. In his young life, Louis loved to play baseball. Louis served his country in the U.S. Air Force from 1956 to 1960. He was a Teletype operator. His tours included Montgomery, Ala., Oson, Korea, and Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso. Louis married Betty Pomeroy June 18, 1964. They settled in San Antonio and raised three children: Cathy Sue, Cindy Lea and Richard Henry. Cathy married Perry Buff and their three children were Lindsey, Logan and Lauren. Cindy married Kirk Stephenson and they had a daughter, Cybill Ella. Richard is not married. Louis was an electrician and retired from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 60, in San Antonio. Louis and Betty still live in San Antonio.
    Gertrude Clara Laskowski was born Feb. 11, 1901. Gertrude helped care for her brothers and sisters when the family lived in Gonzales. Gertrude grew to be taller then her father. She was very strong, but gentle and sweet and loved to laugh. She worked in the fields and planted vegetable gardens with her brothers. She could do the work of two men. Gertrude attended Dug Springs (Lone Star) schoolhouse, located four miles south of Bandera with her brother Paul. She learned to speak and read English. She taught her mother and father to speak English and taught her brothers Ted and Vincent what she learned in school. Gertrude took care of the finances for the family farm. She was famous for her chicken and dumplings and apple pies. Father Peter Boivin married Gertrude and Joseph Arthur Kalka March 17, 1922 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. They moved to Boerne and built their rock home. In 1965, Gertrude and Joseph adopted Karen and Larry Laskowski, children of Gertrude's younger bother Leo, who had died. Gertrude died Oct. 2, 1982. Joseph Arthur had diabetes and both his legs were amputated. Joseph died in a nursing home in Boerne on March 3, 1996, five months before his 100th birthday. Gertrude and Joseph were both buried in Boerne.
Felix Laskowski Family
Part Two
by Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Oct. 6, 2005
Picture taken in the late 1950s of Leo Laskowski and Frank Laskowski (Brothers)
Wedding day of Theodor (Ted) Laskowski and Rosa Adamietz. L-R, Paul Laskowski (brother), Ted, Rosa, and Hedwig Adamietz.
Catherine Agnes Laskowski and Hubert Dugosh taken on August 19, 1931.
Sophie Laskowski Mazurek holding her doll and her sister's Catherine's doll. Taken about 1926.
   Vincent Alexander Laskowski was born Jan. 21, 1903. As a young boy, he helped his father and brother work in the fields. Vincent did not attend school and was educated by his older sister, Gertrude. He was a kind man, always had a smile on his face and loved to laugh. He worked with his brothers as a carpenter in construction and was always willing to lend a helping hand to a neighbor or friend. He was everyone's "Uncle Vincent." Vincent charmed all the single girls in Bandera. He never married and lived with his sister, Gertrude, in his later years. Vincent died in 1986 in Boerne. He was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Paul John Laskowski was born Jan. 23, 1905. As a young boy, Paul helped his dad on the farm. He helped the family move from Gonzales to Bandera County when he was 14. Paul went to Dug Springs School. He learned the carpentry trade and started his own business of repairing houses. Paul met Beatrice Rose Jureczk, the love of his life, in Bandera. He was several years older than Beatrice and had to do a lot of talking to get her mother and father to let him court her. With his kind ways, a box of Valentine chocolates, and wonderful smile, Paul won the approval of Beatrice's parents. Paul and Beatrice were married July 1, 1936 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. They bought property across from Paul's parents farm in Bandera County and built a small wooden house. Beatrice helped Paul with his business and painted the interiors of many houses in Bandera and Bandera County. In his later years, Paul was a storyteller. He told many stories of the early days and the life he lived. Paul and Beatrice were active members of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. Paul had a bad heart and died Aug. 14, 2003. Beatrice died March 29, 2005. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Paul and Beatrice raised four children: Gladys Ann, Betty Jane, Edward Paul and Gervas Thomas. All the children of Paul and Beatrice attended St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School. They were featured in the Jureczki history.
    Clement Laskowski was born Nov. 23, 1906. It is believed that he was a stillborn baby or died in infancy. No death certificate has yet been found for Clement.
    Emma Laskowski was born Sept. 13, 1908. It is believed that she died in infancy or was a stillborn baby. No death certificate has yet been found for Emma.
    Leo Anton Laskowski was born June 22, 1911. Leo was 6 years-old when his parents moved to Bandera County. Leo also went to the Dug Springs School. He helped his brothers and father on the farm. Leo served his country during WW II. He was a nurse. Leo learned the carpentry trade and worked in construction. He met and married Fay Maurine Grover Sept. 2, 1948. They were married in St. John's Catholic Church in Orange Grove. Leo and Fay settled in Bandera. They lived on his parent's place, on 3rd Street, in a converted garage. Fay was very young and tiny. They were the parents of six children born in Bandera: Carolyn Rose, David, Shirley, Jimmie, Larry and Karen. Leo and Fay divorced. Their six children lived with Leo in Bandera. Leo was a good father and loved his children. He took his sons fishing and hunting. Leo died Dec. 31, 1964 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Leo's parents and younger brother Frank cared for his children. Larry and Karen were adopted by Leo's older sister Gertrude and husband Arthur Kalka. The four older children went to live with Fay's sister, Pearl Grover, in San Antonio.
    Carolyn Rose was born Sept. 11, 1949. Carolyn went to St. Joseph's School in Bandera and attended Bandera High school. After her parents divorced, Carolyn lived with her father and grandparents in Bandera. When her father died, Carolyn tried to keep her brothers and sisters, whom she loved, together. Carolyn, her two brothers and sister, went to live with their mother's sister, Pearl Grover, in San Antonio. Carolyn married Harold Brooks Jr. They had a son, Harold Brooks II (little Brooks). Carolyn is divorced and lives in San Antonio. She owns and operates a hair salon.
    David Wayne was born Nov. 25, 1950. He lived with his father and grandparents in Bandera. David went to St. Joseph's school until his father died. He was about 15 when he went to live with his Aunt, Pearl Grover, in San Antonio.
    Shirley Ann was born Nov. 21,1951. Shirley attended St. Joseph's school in Bandera. She loved her father and was greatly saddened when he died. Shirley was 13 when she went to live with her Aunt Pearl in San Antonio.
    Jimmie Roy was born Aug. 20, 1953. Jimmie attended St. Joseph's School. He loved listening to his Grandpa Felix tell stories. His father died when he was only 11 years-old. Jimmie left Bandera with his two sisters and brother to live with his Aunt Pearl Grover in San Antonio.
    Larry was born June 3, 1956. He lived with his adopted parents in Boerne. Larry was a member of the Boerne Boy Scout Troop # 145. He was a good student and graduated from Boerne High School. After high school Larry left Texas and traveled throughout the country working as a laborer. He lived in Washington State and then settled in Florida. Larry never married. He died in July 2004 in Florida where he was buried.
    Karen was born Oct. 5, 1957. Her adopted parents in Boerne raised her. Karen played the piano and participated in recitals. She graduated from Boerne High School. After high school, Karen went to live with her brother Larry in Florida. She married Mr. Shreve in Florida and they had a son, Jackson. Karen divorced Mr. Shreve and later came back to Texas with her young son. They lived in Comfort. In 1997, Karen married David Peterson in St. Stanislaus Church in Bandera. Karen, her son Jackson and husband David settled in Lakehills.
    Catherine Agnes Laskowski was born April 30, 1913. She was only 4 years-old when the family made the journey from Gonzales to their home in Bandera County. Catherine loved to play with her porcelain doll that she got one Christmas. Catherine remembered a day when Indians came to their house asking for food. She was very young and scared because her father and brothers had gone to Bandera.
    Her mother Annie, with a shotgun by her side, gave them some bread, eggs and chickens. The Indians were pleased and left their house. Catherine was a beautiful girl. She attended school at the Dug Springs School. When she was old enough, her father let her ride a horse to school. Riding a horse to school in those days was like driving a car to school today. Sometimes she would let her friends ride the horse after school.
    Catherine married Hubert Dugosh Aug. 19, 1931 in St. Stanislaus Church. They settled in a small house on SH 173, south of Bandera and the Medina River. A few years after Hubert's father Dominic died, Hubert and Catherine moved to the Johann Dlugosz homestead. Hubert and Catherine planted corn, maize, sugar cane, and made molasses.
    They were the parents of 13 children: Rosalie, Ignatius, Conrad, Elenora, Elizabeth, Albina, Josephine, Loucile, Richard, Mary, Genevieve, Roy and Danny. Rosalie died from double-pneumonia when she was 13. Conrad lived only five months.
    Catherine developed a tumor on her spinal cord when she was 42. She lost the use of her legs and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Despite this handicap, Catherine continued to care for her children with the help of husband Hubert. She sewed clothes and cooked meals. Catherine was an artist and painted many pictures of the Texas Hill Country and wild animals. Catherine's husband, Hubert, died in tragic automobile accident Oct. 24, 1968. She lived with her son, Roy, who cared for her until she needed special care in a nursing home. Catherine died April 1, 1992 in San Antonio. Hubert and Catherine were buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Ignatius, their oldest son, died from a heart attack in 2003. The children of Catherine and Hubert attended St. Joseph's School and graduated from Bandera High School. Most of them live in Bandera County. The Dugosh children were featured in the Johann Dlugosz history.
    Frank Edward Laskowski was born Oct. 1, 1917. Frank was a baby when his family traveled from Gonzales to Bandera. He grew up in Bandera and lived with his parents on 3rd Street. Frank attended Dug Springs Schoolhouse. Frank was a handsome, kind and gentle man. He served his country in World War II from 1941 to 1945 in the 171st Engineer Combat Battalion. Frank was in the Aleutian Island battle. He received the American Defense Service Ribbon with Bronze Star and A. P. Service Ribbon with Bronze Star. After the war, Frank worked for the REA Electric Company in Bandera. Later, he started his own business, Frank's Electric Company. Frank never married. He cared for his aging mother and father and helped raise Leo's (his brother) children. Frank died Feb. 23, 1974. He was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Sophie Hedwig Laskowski was born May 11, 1920 in Bandera County, where she grew up. Sophie remembers Christmas when she was a young girl. Her mother would put the turkey in the oven on Christmas Eve before they went to church. After church, her mother took the turkey out of the oven and the family would all cut a piece of the turkey and eat it. Sophie said that this was the best turkey she ever ate. She remembers the delicious pies her mother used to make. Sophie was sent to live with her older sister, Catherine, so she could go to school in Bandera. Catherine and Hubert Dugosh lived closer to Bandera and cared for Sophie during her school years at St. Joseph's Grammar School. She loved to go to school and received good marks. After Catherine and Hubert moved to the homestead of Johan Dlugosz, Sophie was unable to attend High School and continued her education at home.
    Sophie was one of the most beautiful girls in Bandera. Sophie helped her mother wash and iron the family's clothes. She met Anton John Mazurek in Bandera. Father F. S. Strobel married them Feb. 5, 1940 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. It was one of the most beautiful weddings in Bandera. Sophie and Anton settled in Bandera and lived in a small one-room house on Anton's parents' farm. Sophie and Anton were the parents of six children: George, Margaret, Eleanor, Stephen, Virginia and Michael. Their son, George, died Dec. 7, 1943 from to-mane poisoning. Stephen died Sept. 19, 1977. Michael was stillborn Nov. 13, 1951. Anton worked in construction. About 1950, Sophie started a laundry business across from Stein's Clothiers on 11th Street in Bandera. The children of Sophie and Anton were featured in the Thomas Mazurek history. Anton died Jan. 11, 1992 and is buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Sophie is 85 and lives with her daughter, Virginia, in Pipe Creek.
    The Laskowski family worked hard and was successful. Felix and Annie were always willing to give a helping hand to St. Stanislaus Catholic Church and anyone in need. Their door was always open and there was always room at the dinner table for one more.
Ludwig Morawiets (Moravietz) family
Part 1 of 2
by Eleanora Dugosh Goodley
Published Sept. 15, 2005
Picture of Thomas Morawietz and Frances Haiduk. Married in San Antonio, Texas May 8, 1862
The picture above was taken about 1912 of the Morawietz family in front of the home of Thomas and Frances Morawietz.
Frances Morawietz at her 100th birthday with her favorite Lamb Cake. Taken in 1945.
   LUDWIG MORAWIETZ (Moravietz, Morawiec, Moravits) was born August 25, 1802 in Kamien Slaski, Silesian Poland. His parents were Urban Morawietz and Marianna Noparlik. Kamien Slaski is located in beautiful southern Silesia next to a nobleman's castle. Ludwig married Marianna Rudolf September 20, 1829 in St. Hyacinth Catholic Church in Kamien Slaski. Marianna was also born in Kamien Slaski and was the daughter of Sebastian Rudolf and Rosalia Grabowsky. Ludwig and Marianna grew up together and were baptized in the same village church (SPII). Ludwig and Marianna had eleven children born in Poland and baptized in St. Hyacinth Catholic Church: Joseph, Thomas, Catharina, Anna, Franzka (Franziska), Johan Nepomucen, Lucia, Maria (1), Jacob, Maria (2), and Franz. Only five children survived : Franzka died 14 March 1842, Johan died 21 May 1843, Lucia died 2 5 December 1844, Maria (1) died 14 April 1846, Jacob died 27 July 1848, and Franz died 27 October 1852 (LDSM). All six children were buried in the Kamien Slaski village in Poland. Ludwig and Marianna had heard of many Silesian families who left Poland and settled in Texas. With sadness in their hearts, they made the decision to leave their homeland and come to Texas. No records have yet been found to determine what ship they sailed on and when they arrived in America. The Morawietz family came to Bexar County and settled on Martinez Creek, now know as St. Hedwig, Texas.
    On September 13, 1856, records show that Ludwig registered his cattle brand at the courthouse in San Antonio, Texas (BCD). Afriend of Ludwig's, John Sczodrok from Kamien Slaski, also came to Martinetz Creek. Ludwig and John formed a joint partnership and purchased land in San Antonio. In 1856, the Morawietz family celebrated the wedding of their oldest daughter, Catharina, in San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. A year after Catharina was married, Marianna became ill and died October 1, 1857. She is buried in Campo Canto de San Fernando Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas. Ludwig never remarried. Another tragedy occurred when Ludwig's daughter, Catharina, became ill and died in1858. Ludwig remained in San Antonio until January of 1859 when he sold his home and 15 acres and moved his family to Bandera, Texas (BCD).
    Ludwig came to Bandera, purchased land, and made a home for his children. In most of the Bandera County records his name is recorded as Louis Morawietz. In 1859, in Bandera County, Ludwig was taxed for some oxen and one wagon valued at $50 (BCTA 1859). In the 1860 Bandera County census, Ludwig was listed as a laborer. In 1864 he paid taxes on 18 acres assessed at $54, a town lot in Bandera valued at $60, and livestock valued at $106 (BCTA 1864).
    Ludwig always had a close relationship with his children whom he loved. In his later years, Ludwig lived with his married daughter, Anna Kalka. Ludwig died January 24, 1892 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery in Bandera. His name appears as Louis Moravietz on the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church monument as one of the early Polish settlers in Bandera.
    JOSEPH MORAWIETZ was the oldest child and was born March 9, 1831. Joseph married Maria Anna Anderwald November 14, 1858. Maria Anna was born March 25, 1838. She was the daughter of Franz and Elizabeth Anderwald, who also emigrated from Silesia Poland. In 1864, Joseph served as a private in Captain Bladen Mitchell's Third Frontier District, Texas State Troops, in Bandera County (MRTST). In the 1880 Bandera County Census Mary Anna was listed as keeping house. Joseph and Maria Anna settled in Bandera and raised nine children: Hedwig, Paullino, Mary, Albert, Bronestowa, Theresa (Dereza), Antony, Marcelina, and Johanna (Anna). Maria Anna died July 16, 1905. Joseph Morawietz died June 19, 1913. They both are buried in St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery in Bandera. Texas. There is not much information on their children.
    Hedwig was born on October 10, 1860 in Bandera County, Texas.
    Paullino was listed as 19 years old in the 1880 Bandera County census.
    Mary was born in 1864 in Bandera County. She was listed as 16 years old in the 1880 Bandera county census.
    Albert was born in Bandera County in April of 1867. He died in Bandera County August 10, 1944.
    Bronestowa, a daughter, was born about 1870 in Bandera County. Her name is hard to read and may not be spelled correctly. Bronestowa was listed as 10 years old in the 1880 Bandera County Census.
    Theresa (Dereza) was born in Bandera October 14, 1872. She was married to John Sprencel. Theresa died April 15 1934. John died September 2, 1946. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Theresa and John had two children, Joseph F. and Albina, born in Mayersvill, DeWitt County, Texas. Joseph was born November 21, 1910, he died October 14, 1967. Albina was born November 27, 1917. She married Herman Victor Mazurek. Albina died August 30, 1994.
    Antony (Anton) was born in Bandera County on January 11, 1874. He was listed as 6 years old in the 1880 Bandera county census. He died March 18, 1893, and is buried in St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery.
    Marcelina or Marcelinna, a son, was born in Bandera County in June of 1877. Additional information has not yet been found. Johanna was born in Bandera County in May of 1880. She was baptized on July 9, 1880 in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.
    THOMAS MORAWIETZ was born on December 13, 1833. He married Anna Koza on September 30, 1860 in Bandera. Thomas signed a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States of America in Bandera County on August 8, 1860. He stated that he arrived in Texas on or about November 15, 1855. In 1861, Thomas wife, Anna, died giving birth to their daughter, Mary Clara. Thomas later married Frances Haiduk on May 8, 1862, at St. Mary's Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. Frances was the daughter of Albert and Josephine Haiduk. Thomas joined Willke's Battalion of Light Artillery, Company D, Texas Cavalry in September of 1862. While on duty he spent several months on the Rio Grande keeping back Mexicans and Indians (FPALB). Frances also had encounters with Indians. One evening when she was doing the chores, Indians were approaching. She made it into the house unharmed, but the next morning they found one of their calves killed near the cattle pen where she had been milking the cows. Frances was one of the women who helped dig the race along the Medina River for water that ran the old grist flour mill. She used a pick and shovel. Thomas died February 1, 1917. Frances died January 26, 1946 at the age of 100 years, a month shy of her 101st birthday. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera. Thomas and Frances were the parents of ten children: Andrew Tom, Thomas Leonard, Joseph L, Paulus, Sophia, Jesse (Jacob), Katherina, Francisca, Francisuis, and John Felix.
    Mary Clara was born in Bandera County on July 22, 1861. She married Gabrial Anderwald on February 28, 1881 in Bandera. They were the parents of ten children: Adam, Annie Clara, Susan, Thomas Jacob, Raymond, Genevieve, Frank, Henry, Augustine, and Amelia. The children of Mary Clara Morawietz and Gabrial Anderwald were featured in the Anderwald history and Dugosh history. Mary Clara died January 28, 1938. Gabrial died November 25, 1943 in Bandera County.
Moravietz family, Part 2
Continuation of the children of Thomas, Catharina, Anna, and Maria Morawietz.
by Elenora Dugosh Goodley
Published Sept. 22, 2005
Frances Moravietz with her children.
The Andrew Moravietz family.
   Andrew Tom was born in Bandera County on November 29, 1866. He married Agnes Dupnik (Dupuiek) in Panna Maria, Texas in 1890. Andrew Tom died on January 12, 1946 in Falls City, Texas. Andrew and Agnes had ten children: Elizabeth, Emealia Clara, Peter Paul, Frank, Barbara, Louis, Josephine, Florentina, Rosa Leonora, and Alois.
    Elizabeth (Lilly) was born in Panna Maria, Texas September 23, 1891. She died October 13, 1974. Elizabeth married Emil J. Kowalik in 1923. Their two children were born in Falls City, Texas. Dalton was born May 26, 1924. Imelda was born Aug. 21, 1927. Emil died May 3, 1969. Elizabeth died Oct. 13, 1974. Their daughter Imelda died Oct. 30, 1976.
    Emealia Clara was born in Panna Maria Sept. 23, 1892. She died in 1981. Emealia married Alexander Pollok June 14, 1914. They had three children: Harry, Leslie Raymond, and Marcel. Harry married Dorothy Niestroy in 1946 in Falls City. Texas. Their two children were Allen and Harriet. Allen married Patricia Rose Dupnich in Falls City, Texas. Leslie Raymond married Mary Koett in 1948 in San Antonio, Texas. They had three children: William (Alex), Patricia, and Leslie Raymond Jr. Patricia married Albert George Bordovsky in 1975. They had a son, Craig Thomas, born in 1980. Marcel married Valerie Kolodziojczyk. They had two children, Vera, and Marcel Jr.
    Peter Paul (Bud) was born in Panna Maria June 29, 1894. He died in 1980. Peter married Hedwig Swierc Nov. 29, 1917 in Holy Trinity Church at Falls City. Texas. Their two children, Dorothy and Beatrice, were born in Falls City. Dorothy was born in 1918. She married Felix Dzuik in 1938 in San Antonio. Dorothy and Felix's two children were Felix Jr. (born in 1939, lived only one day), and Lester, born in 1941. Beatrice was born in 1923 in Falls City. She married Andrew Copeland.
    Frank (Franz) was born in Cestohowa, Texas, September 6, 1896. He died June 19, 1949. Frank never married.
    Barbara (Viola) was born in Panna Maria Dec. 3, 1898. Barbara married Gerry Edgar Merritt (Harry Marritt?). They had a daughter, Anna Louise.
    Louis was born in Falls City, Texas in 1901. Louis married Willie Mae Engbrock in 1930 at Sequin, Texas. Louis and Willie Mae had four children born in Sequin: Mary, Donald, Lawerence born Oct. 26, 1939, and Elizabeth Jean born April 16, 1942.
    Josephine was born in Panna Maria, Texas on June 21, 1903. She died February 21, 1976. Josephine married Alvin Kowalik in Karnes City, Texas. They had three children: Kenneth, born 1924, Joyce, born 1929, and Terrence, born 1938. Kenneth married Jennette Bronder. Kenneth and Jennette had four children born in Falls City. Texas: Linda, Debra, Howard, and Kenneth Wayne. Joyce married Fabian Kasprzyk and their two children were Darrell and Cynthia. Terrence married Shirley Oetken. They had three children: Yvonne, Bernadette, and Yvette. Alvin Kowalik died in 1984. Both Josephine and Alvin Kowalik were buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery in Falls City, Texas.
    Florentina (Florence) was born in Panna Maria, Texas Dec. 15, 1905. Florentina married Adrian John Richter Nov. 23, 1927 in Floresville, Texas. They had two children, Wilfred and Gene. Adrian John died Sept. 22, 1980.
    Rosa Leonora (RosaLea) was born Aug. 30, 1908 in Falls City, Texas. Rosa married Thomas David Pawelek Sr. in 1938. Rosa died in 1941. David Sr. died in 1975. They were both buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery in Falls City. Rosa and Thomas Sr. had a son Thomas David Pawelek Jr. Thomas David Jr. married Jerlene Mutz. Thomas and Jerlene raised four children: Karen, Thomas David III, Marian, and Mark.
    Alois was born in Falls City, Texas Aug. 3, 1912. Alois married Mary Elizabeth Harp in 1941. They had six children: Trinket, Donna, Doris, Rita, Bibi, and Doug.
    Thomas Leonard was born in Bandera Nov. 11, 1868. He married Joanna Anderwald Nov. 21,1905. Thomas died March 6, 1955 and Joanna died March 13, 1963 in Bandera. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera. Thomas and Joanna had a son Michael who married Wanda Hohenburger.
    Joseph L. was born in Bandera July 1, 1870. He married Victoria Kalka in 1904 in Bandera. Joseph died in 1965 and Victoria died in 1970 in Bandera. They had no children.
    Paulus was born in Bandera March 20, 1872. Paul never married and died Aug. 31, 1953 in Bandera.
    Sophia was born in Bandera May 7, 1874. Sophia married Anton Kolodziej in 1898. Sophia died in 1951. Anton died in 1956. They had two children born in Cestohowa, Texas, Rosalia born in 1901 and Marcella born in1907. Rosalia married Christian Ploch in 1926. Their daughter, Rose Marie, married Charles McDougal and their children were Cindy and Marcella.
    Jesse was born in Bandera Aug. 13, 1876. He died in 1962. Jesse married Marie Korzekwa in 1916 at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Cestohowa, Texas. Maria died in 1965 and was buried next to her husband in Cestohowa. They were the parents of twins, Anthony and Annie.
    Anthony married Theresa Jarzombek in 1947. They had four children: Hubert, Jerome (Jerry), Sally, and Alice. Hubert married Janice Boldt and they had a son, Kevin. Jerome married Susan Sjurseth. Their two children were Stephanie and Anthony Todd. Sally married Harry Lyssy and they had a son Josuha. Alice married Anthony Johnson.
    Annie married David Jarzombek in 1945. They were the parents of six children: Mary Ann, Barbara, Katherine, twins, Patricia and Patrick, and Kenneth. Mary Ann married Harry Palitza in 1968. They had two children, David Charles and Paul Anthony. Barbara married Joe Gutierrez in 1969. They had four children: Barbara Jo, Thomas Wayne, Richard, and Robert. Katherine married George Hall in 1973. They had three children: Annette Kay, Christopher, and Matthew. Patricia married Alfred Casas in 1973. Their two children were, Christine and Alfred. Patrick married Jody Buchanan in 1973 and they had a son, Joseph Chance. Kenneth married Rose Reeves in 1987.
    Katherina was born in Bandera April 17, 1879. She died in 1943. Katherina married Samuel J. Wasser Nov.r 21, 1905. They had no children.
    Francisca (Frances) was born in Bandera October 16, 1881. She married Adolph Fischer Dec. 7, 1910 in San Antonio. Frances died Oct. 4, 1973 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera. It is not known when and where Adolph died. Frances and Adolph had a daughter, Edna, born Nov. 27, 1911.
    Edna grew up in Bandera. She had a daughter, Patricia, born September 11, 1935. Edna married Carnelius (Neal) Coutler Aug. 19, 1950. Patricia (Pat) graduated from Bandera High School. She worked at Lost Valley Dude Ranch in Bandera. Pat married George Canellis April 5, 1959. They had three children: Alan, Dale, and Pam. Alan was born in1961. He works at the Brooks City Base in San Antonio. Dale was born in 1964. The Canellis family suffered the death of their son Dale Nov. 6, 1965. Pam was born in 1967. She works at Pacific Care in San Antonio. Patsy and George still operate the original Moravietz Ranch in Bandera, but make their home in San Antonio.
    Francisuis was born in October of 1885 in Bandera. He died when he was a year old in 1886.
    John was born March 6, 1887 in Bandera County. John never married. He died Oct. 25,1954 and was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    CATHARINA MORAWIETZ was born in April of 1837. Catharina married Thomas Haiduk in1856 in the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. Catharina and Thomas had a daughter, Hedwig. Catharina died in 1858 at the young age of nineteen. No burial record has been found. It is possible that she could be buried in Bexar County, Texas. Later that year, Thomas married Rosalia Hoffman. Thomas and Rosalia had one son, Thomas Louis, born in 1860. By 1869 the family had moved to Atascosa County. Thomas and Rosalia were both buried in Atascosa County. It is possible that Catharina's daughter, Hedwig, is also buried in Atascosa County.
    ANNIE MORAWIETZ was born May 12, 1839. Annie grew up in Bandera and loved living in the country. She married Joseph Kalka May 24, 1858 in Bandera County. They moved to Atascosa County for a short time and then came back to Bandera. Annie and Joseph had eight children born in Bandera County: Frank, Frances (Franciska), Rosie, Joseph (Jozef), Lawrence, Clements, Mary, and Alex. Frank died soon after birth and Jozef died in infancy. Annie was a hard worker and a good mother. She raised her children to be hard workers and good neighbors. Annie and Joseph cared for her aging father, Ludwig, who lived with them until his death in 1892. Joseph died Dec. 28, 1903. Annie died after having a stroke Jan. 28, 1926. They were both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera. The children of Annie and Joseph Kalka were featured in the Kalka history and the Dugosh history.
    MARIA MORAWIETZ was baptized Oct. 10, 1852 in Kamien Slaski, Poland. Not much is known about Maria. She was given the same name as her sister who was baptized April 5, 1846. No death records have yet been found for a Maria Morawietz born in 1852 in Poland. It is assumed that she came to America with her parents.
    The Morawietz family was one of Bandera's outstanding families. They gave generously to their church and community. Not many of the Morawietz descendants now live in Bandera. They will be remembered for their hard work and love of family.
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John Dugosh (Jan Johann Dlugosz), Part 1
Part 3 in a series of family histories published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Bandera

By Elenora (Dugosh) Goodley

Story ran Feb. 24, 2005
   John Dugosh was born on May 10, 1823 to Jacob (Dugosh) Dlugosz and Anna Sowka of Rozmierz, Poland. John married Franciska Kasperczyk in 1847 at St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz. They had three children: Catherine, Constantin, and Joseph. Joseph died in Poland. The Dugosh family boarded the ship Weser in Bremen, Germany. They spent their first Christmas in America at Panna Maria. John and Franciska had four children born in Bandera: John Jacob Jr., Francis, Kasper, and Martiana. Francis was born about 1859. Martiana's baptism is recorded on Jan. 12, 1864.
    John was a carpenter, a rock mason and farmer in Poland. Many rock houses still remain in Rozmierz, including one Dugosh house. John started his own construction company in Bandera, Dugosh & Company. He taught his sons the trade. His first employment was building a combined house and store for a merchant named August Klappenback. John constructed the Bandera store and post office with cypress lumber from the mill.
    He could speak only Polish and received his instructions in sign language. John and Franciska purchased 40 acres south of Bandera on the Julian Creek from John James and Charles de Montel. By 1856, John and Franciska had purchased four cattle valued at $46 and nine hogs worth $55. They were charged 12 cents state and county tax. John served during the Civil War as a private in Captain Bladen Mitchell's company for Bandera County and provided his own rifle and horse. John's signature is on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County. He became a U.S. citizen in 1865. John and Franciska lived with their son, Coustian, until their deaths. Franciska died in l897. John died in 1899.
Catherine, born in Poland to John & Franciska Dugosh appears to be about 50 years of age in this photo.
(L-R) Annie Dugosh, Agnes and Coustian Dugosh, Clement, Hubert, John, and Domonic holding Frank are pictured in front of the Bandera Dugosh Home.
Here is the Dugosh house in Rozmierz. Poland. The original old house is at the back of the large house, to the right of the roof with the small smoke stack.
    Catherine married Anton Anderwald in 1867 in Bandera. In 1878, Catherine and Anton purchased 20 acres of the Dugosh land. Catherine and Anton had 14 children (Named in the Anderwald story). Anton died in 1919. Catherine died in 1929.
    Coustian married Agnes Halamanda in Bandera in 1872. They had four children: Dominic, Mitchell, who died of diphtheria in his first year, Jacob, who died when he broke his back trying to repair a wagon wheel at the age of 21, and Mary, who died of diphtheria one week after Jacob. In 1871, Coustain and Agnes purchased 20 acres of the Dugosh land and the original house. Coustian farmed, raised pigs, and made molasses from sugar cane. He was also a carpenter, rock mason, and worked with his father and brothers on the St. Stanislaus Church in 1876. In 1889, the Bandera Bugle reported "Dugosh & Co. have begun to rebuild the rock bridge on the Medina road damaged by water." Coustian was one of the pioneers who helped build St. Joseph School. He dug cisterns by hand and winch. Franciska died in 1935. Coustian died in 1936.
    Dominic inherited the Coustian farm and continued to grow crops, raise pigs, and make molasses. Dominic married Annie Anderwald in 1904. Grandma Agnes and Annie made lye soap from lard and pillows filled with the soft feathers from geese. They made dresses from flour sacks. Dominic and Annie had 10 children: Hubert, Josephine, born and died in 1906, Clement, John, Frank, Matilda, Balbina, Theresa, Catherine (died at 2 months), and Dominic Jr. who died at birth. Dominic Sr. died in 1931 of a heart attack on his father's birthday. Annie died in 1960.
    Hubert married Catherine Laskowski in Bandera and they had 13 children: Rosalie, died at 13 from pneumonia, Ignatius (Nash), Conrad, died after birth, Elenora, Elizabeth, Albina (Beanie), Josephine, Loucile, Richard, Mary, Genevieve, Roy, and Danny. Catherine's mother, Annie Laskowski, delivered all of Hubert's and Catherine's children except Danny, who was delivered by his dad. Hubert inherited the original Dugosh farm and was a rock mason and carpenter. He continued farming and made molasses. The molasses pit still remains on the original Dugosh farm.
    Hubert's and Catherine's children helped run the farm. After a day's work, feeling dirty and tired, the children looked forward to jumping into the Julian Creek to cool off. They would climb a large tree, grab a grapevine, and swing out over the water yelling like Tarzan as they dropped into the water. Hubert's wife, Catherine, fell ill in 1955 with a spinal tumor that paralyzed her legs for the rest of her life. Hubert died in 1968 in a tragic traffic accident. Catherine died in 1992.
    Nash was the big brother that protected his sisters from bullies. Nash married Mary Louise Zatopek. They had three children: James, Carol, and Lisa. Nash was an automotive technology instructor and was teacher of the year in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 1991-92. Nash died from a heart attack in 2003.
    Elenora was an airline hostess and met her husband, John Goodley, on one of her flights. They had three girls: Lori, Joan, and Bonnie. Elenora went to Poland in 2003 and started the Sister-City/County agreement between Bandera and the city and county of Strzelce, Opolskie, Poland.
    Elizabeth (Liz) remembers when she and Elenora used to fight over the flour sack material for new dresses. Liz was a cheerleader for Bandera High School. Liz married Albert Oppelt and they had two sons, John, and Thom.
    Beanie was also a cheerleader for Bandera High School. She married Wallace E. Butler and they had four children: Scott, Gregory, Timothy, and Terri. The Butler family lost their beloved Terri in 2003 to cancer. Beanie works for the Bandera Independent School District.
    Josephine recalled when she, Richard, and Genevieve were in the Julian Creek bed by SH 173. They threw buckets of water on a hayride passing by. The kids on the hayride got off and chased them until the water was too deep. Josephine married Paul Megerle. They had two children, Erin, and Kurt. Josie retired after 42 years with USAA. Lucile was also a cheerleader for Bandera High School. She married Paul Pagel. They had three girls; Jennifer, Emmy, and Laura. Lucile and Paul live in Wisconsin. Richard got into big trouble when he was young. His dad sent him to the north pasture to get a milk cow named "Penelope." Instead of walking the cow home, he jumped on the cow's back and galloped home yelling "yeh-ha." His dad met him at the barnyard gate with a switch. Richard married Melanie (Mel) Miller and they had one son, Christopher. Mel has a daughter, Honey Sue.
    Before school started, Mary had to milk cows, feed the pigs and chickens, and make breakfast for her mom. Mary met her husband John Marvin (J.M.) Clements her junior year in Bandera High School. They had four daughters: Kellie, Becky, Genie, and Tandie. J. M. and Mary own and operate the Bandera Gun Club.
    Genevieve remembers the times when they had pig rodeos. Two brothers would hold the pig while one of them got on. Most of the time the ride was short. Genevieve married Bud Modarelle who died in 1991. Genevieve had a daughter, Shelly Sellars. Genevieve is serving her second term as a Bandera School Trustee.
    Roy inherited the Dugosh farm, recognized by the Texas Land Heritage registry for family owned land of 100 years or more. Roy married Debra Disler. Roy recalls the time his dad, Hubert, went to town and told him, Richard, and Danny not to go swimming in the Julian Creek. As soon as his dad left, they went swimming. They were having a grand old time when a truck came up to the house. They got out of the water to see who it was. It was his dad and he was not smiling. Hubert had bought a newer truck and drove it home.
    Danny met his wife, Silvia Gunther, in Bandera High School. He played football and was on the 1972 undefeated team, and voted lineman of the year. Danny and Silvia had two sons, Clifton and Travis. Danny retired as the Director of Maintenance for Bandera ISD in 2004.
    Clement settled in San Antonio and worked at Duncan Field (Kelly AFB). Clement married Loucille Wood in 1936. They had two boys, Kenneth and Chester. Clement died of cancer in 1976. Loucille still lives in San Antonio and is a volunteer at the Methodist Hospital. She is 87.
    Kenneth played baseball at St. Mary's University and was inducted into St. Mary's Athletic Hall of Fame in April 1992. Kenneth married Helen Zinsmeister in San Antonio. They had a son, Clifford, and a daughter, Suzanne. Kenneth ran into his cousins often in San Antonio and they would give him kisses. Helen had a hard time believing they were all his cousins.
    Chester remembers the good old times at the Dugosh homestead. Every Easter Sunday all the families came for barbecue, egg hunts, and a family softball game. Chester also went to St. Mary's University. He married Joyce Ella Chall. They had four children: Kurt, Karen, Craig, and Keith.
    John joined the U.S. Navy in 1944. After the Navy, he settled in San Antonio. John married Gertrude Weidner in 1949. They had no children. John worked and retired from Kelly AFB. He died from a heart attack in 1985. Gertrude died in 2004.
    Frank was a young man when he went to San Antonio. He worked for and retired from the San Antonio Transit Bus system. Frank married Hilda Jane Gerdes. They had one son, David. David married Bette Gard and they had a girl, Joyce. David and Bette were divorced. Later, David married Sheila Bayha and they had three girls: Darcy, Deanna, and Danielle. David died in 2003.
John Dugosh (Jan Johann Dlugosz), Part 2
Continued from Feb. 24: Part 4 in a series of famiily histories published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.

By Elenora (Dugosh) Goodley

Story ran March 3, 2005
   Matilda (Tillie) left Bandera to live in San Antonio. She worked at Bus Barns CafŽ where she met her husband, Rufus McNees. They had two sons, Robert and Roger. Tillie was an active member of St. Ann's Altar Society in San Antonio. One of Tillie's most treasured moments was her assignment to prepare the seminary residence used by Pope John Paul II during his 1986 visit to San Antonio. Tillie died in 1987. Rufus died in 1997. Robert married Barbara Gramer and they had two children, Christopher and Carmen. Roger is a Texas A&M graduate. Roger married Barbara Britten. He has a stepdaughter, D'Anne and stepson, Ricky.
    Balbina (Bea) left Bandera to live in San Antonio with her sister Tillie and mother Annie. Bea was a bank officer for what now is known as Bank One. She married James (Jim) Weatherby in 1944. They had two children, Sharon and Michael. Bea and Jim moved to Pipe Creek in the 1970s. Jim died in 1986. Bea died in 2001. Sharon married Douglas Moreau. They had two girls, Michelle and Jennifer. Michael lives in New Braunfels with his son, Michael Jr.
    Theresa left Bandera to live in San Antonio. She worked for the Ice Cream Parlor and Pecan Factory. She met and married Raymon Cielencki in San Antonio. They had four children: Beverly, Mary, Raymond, and Sandra. Raymon worked in construction. He helped build and remodel many of the buildings in Bandera. Theresa died in 2002. Raymon still lives in Bandera. Beverly lived in San Antonio and worked at Kelly AFB for 36 years.
Front seat is Cleofus and Mary Dugosh, and in the back seat is John Jacob and Frances.
John Jacob Dugosh and his wife, Francis Kalka. Taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1929. They were married in 1879.
Kasper and Josephine (Czerner) Dugosh
   She retired in 2000 and moved back to Bandera to care for her mother and father.
   Mary married Roger Duffy in San Antonio. They moved to Ohio. Mary and Roger had one daughter, Pamela. Mary's husband, Roger, died of cancer. Mary is now living in Bandera. Raymond (Ray) married Shirley Stowaloski. Ray was in the U.S. Navy from 1970-74. They had three children: Joseph, Tracy, and Janet. Ray and Shirley live in Bandera. Sandra worked at the Bandera Electric Co-op. She married Jimmy Kinsey. They live in Medina.
    John Jacob, known as Uncle John, was the first baptism in the St. Stanislaus Catholic parish. He married Francis Kalka in 1879. John J. and Frances bought land one mile north of Bandera. He was a stonemason and built his own house. John worked with his father and brothers on many of the old rock building in Bandera, St. Joseph's school, the First National Bank, and many more. John J. and Frances made molasses and were known for their delicious molasses recipes. John J. carried mail for 18 years from Bandera to Medina using his own horse and buggy. Frances was known for her beautiful flower gardens. John J. and Frances had 10 children: Catherine, Casper, Clara Mary, Joannes who died at birth, Elizabeth, Joanno who died at birth, Annie, Cleofus, Florence, and Christine.
    Catherine married Robert Hubble in Camp Verde in 1880. They had six children: Eva, John, Robert, Veda, Helen, and Lenora. Robert died in 1965. Catherine died in 1977.
    Casper married Lenora Arin in 1907 in Bandera. They had four daughters: Arena, Dollie, Clara, and Edith. Lenora died in 1961. Casper died in 1963.
    Clara Mary married Delmore Reeves in 1906 in Bandera. They had seven children: Raymond, Annie, Ruth, Florence, Lucille, Dorothy, and Etola. Delmore died in 1954 and Clara died in 1985.
    Raymond (Jack) married Connie Douglas. They had no children. Connie was inducted into both the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Jack died in 1985. Connie lived to be 102 before being thrown from a horse and dying from complications related to the injury.
    Annie married Prentice Witt in 1937. They had four children: Gerald, Gloria, Joe, and Katherine. Gerald grew up working on the family ranch near Center Point. He was a pilot in the U. S. Air Force for five years and a Delta Airlines pilot for 32 years. Gerald married Jean Holloway and they had two children, David and Marla. Gerald and Jean live on the Witt home place near Camp Verde. The Gerald Witt family was the first Dugosh descendants from America to visit Rozmierz, Poland. Gloria married Terry Goodman. They have two daughters, Cynthia and Allison. They live in Kerrville. Joe married Merry Fowler and they had two children, Mandy and Ryan. Katherine married Pat Fulgim and they had one daughter Elizabeth. Ruth married Oscar Lott and they had no children. Lucille married John Felderman. They had two girls, Marilynne and Beverly. Florence married Glenn Fisher. They had two children, Glenda and Darwin. Dorothy married Joe Brothers and they had two children, Gary and Patty. Etola married Harold McPherson and they had two sons, Harry and Dennis.
    Elizabeth and Henry Hubble married in 1906. They had 15 children: Rena, twins Eulah and Beulah, Clara, Angie, Leca, Charlotte, Buddy, twins Leo and Cleo, Mickey, Ebbie, Thomas, Victoria, and Genavive. Henry died in 1944. Elizabeth died in 1971. Buddy was the commissioner of Precinct 3 in Bandera County from 1957 to 1972. Buddy married Nora Bendele and they had 10 children: Frances, Elaine, Carol, Terry, Henry, Jackie, Carl, Gail, Rocky, and Robert. Buddy's and Nora's first child Frances, who married Richard Kaiser, was elected sheriff of Kerr County in 1989 and held the office for three terms. Frances is now the Justice of Peace of Precinct 3 in Bandera County.
    Annie married William James in 1914 in Kerrville. They had seven children: Annie Louise, William, Wallace, John, Leslie, Casper L., and Luther. William died in 1932. Annie died in 1974.
    Cleofus married Mary Elsworth in 1922. They lived on the farm with Cleofus's parents, John J. and Frances, in Bandera. After Cleofus's parents passed away, they moved into town. Cleofus did yard work and loved to fish. They had two boys, Charlie and John Clarence. Cleofus died in 1985. Mary died in 1990. Charlie spent 13 months as a prisoner of war during WW II. He was held in Stalag 17B near Krems, Austria. He was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart. He married Barbara Stoughton. Charlie established Dugosh Aviation at the Kerrville Airport. He operated the business for 36 years. Charlie and Barbara had three daughters: Kitty (who was killed in a plane crash in 1978), Christine, and Charlene. Christine lives in Kerrville. Charlene lives in Ohio. Charlie, 81, still lives in Kerrville. John C. was also a veteran of WW II. John and Colene Isabell were married in 1955 in Bandera. They had seven children: Denise, Ann, Patty, Mike, Charlie, Tommy, and Jimmy. John C. was in the USAF and traveled throughout the USA, Japan and Germany with his family. John C. and Colene lived in Florida until John's death in 1976. Colene lives with her son in South Carolina.
    Florence never married. She died in 1984.
    Christine and Fred Zimmerman were married in 1936 in Chicago, Ill. They had no children. Christine died in 1976.
    Kasper married Josephine Czerner. They had eight children: Hedwig, Julie, Pete, Theofile (died from typhoid when he was 16), Isabel, Thomas, Mary (died in infancy), and Magdalen. Kasper worked in the cotton gin in Bandera. One day the cotton press was clogged. Kasper used a stick to try and clear the clog when the machine grabbed the stick and took his right arm into the press. He pushed away with his left arm and was able to get his arm out. Kasper's right arm was so badly mangled that it was amputated above the elbow. Kasper's grandson, Douglas, said that even with one arm Kasper could do the work of two men. Kasper supervised the quarrying of the rock used for building St. Joseph's School in 1922. The Centennial History of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church recorded: Kasper Dugosh, J. W. Anderwald, Albert Kalka, and M. F. Johnson were called the Four Horseman on the construction job of St. Joseph's School. Kasper was a constable for four years, a justice of the peace for two years, and Commissioner of Precinct 1 for eight years in Bandera. Kasper died in 1942. Josephine died in 1946.
    Hedwig married Frank G. Anderwald. They were married in Bandera in 1904 and had six children: Ignatius, Bernard, Leo, Margaret, Isabel, and Cornelia. Ignatius and Cornelia died as infants.
    Julie and Quilla Saunders had one daughter, Lillian.
    Pete left Bandera and went to live in San Antonio. He married Gertrude Mazurek in 1906 and they had seven children: Matthew, George, Josephine, Phillip, Francis, Freida, and Freddy. Pete's son Phillip (Dugie) managed the old Night Hawk Restaurant in Bandera for many years.
    Isabel and Edgar Deskin had four children: Alice, Beatrice, Edgar Jr., and Mary.
    Thomas (Tom) left Bandera when he was 14 and went to San Antonio. Later, he went to Boerne and became part owner of a Ford dealership. Thomas developed a love for bowling and was elected into the San Antonio Bowling Hall of Fame. Thomas and Mary Saunders were married in Boerne. They had three children: Thomas Donald, Beverly, and Douglas.
    Don never married and died in 1993.
    Beverly married Raymond Kinsey. They had five children: Matt, Lisa, Gregory, Stacy, and Meredith. Beverly died in 2003.
    Douglas (Doug) owns and operates a package store in Boerne. He greets everyone with a smile and conservation. Doug has two children, Heather and Vance. Heather helps her dad manage the store. She has two children, Ashley and Ciera. Vance lives in New York City and was a ballet dancer for the Joffrey Ballet Company.
    Magdalen worked at the Old State Bank in Bandera for many years. She married Valentine Kalka. They had three children: Valentine Jr., Thomas, and Kenneth. Valentine Jr., and Thomas died in infancy. Kenneth lives in Dallas.
    The John Dugosh (Jan Dlugosz) descendants were known for their quality rock masonry, work ethics, and homemade sorghum molasses. A picture of Dugosh families making molasses appears in several publications.
Albert Haiduk
Part 5 in a series of family histories published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.

By Elenora Dugosh Goodley

Story ran March 10, 2005
   Albert Haiduk was born in Upper Silesian Poland about 1810. The Albert Haiduk (Heyduck) family was listed on the Dec. 9, 1854 "Weser" (ship) passenger list from the Polish town of Grossstrelze. Grossstrelz is known today as Strzelce Opolskie. Albert married Josephine Garbela in Poland. They sailed to America with their four children: Frances, Charles, Marsalia, and Marianna. After arriving in Texas, the Haiduk family went to Panna Maria where they spent their first Christmas in America. In the early part of 1855, they left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera. Six more children were born to Albert and Josephine in Bandera: Rosalie, Hanka, Agnista (Agnes), Vincent, Josephine, and Alexander.
    Albert worked splitting shingles to make money. He purchased land in the Bandera area and built a family house. He planted corn and other crops. It was difficult for Albert to keep his horses from being stolen by Indians. He would tie the horses to the back door hoping they would not be seen, but many times they were gone by morning. One night Albert and Josephine heard a noise in the cornfield. They thought the cattle were out. Albert saw three Indians in the cornfield. He flattened himself against a tree trunk near the field. Two Indians passed Albert on the way out of the field without seeing him. The last Indian shot Albert in the left rib area with an arrow. After the Indians left, Albert managed to get back to the house.
    Josephine cut out the arrow with a butcher knife in the dark. They were afraid to light a lamp. The arrow did not penetrate deeply and Albert survived. Albert Haiduk's signature was on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County. Josephine died in 1903. Albert Haiduk was one of Bandera's best old-time fiddlers until the time he died on May 13, 1906. Albert and Josephine are buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera.
    Frances was nine when she came to America. She celebrated her tenth birthday in Texas on Feb. 26,1846. Frances married Thomas Morawietz in Bandera in 1862. They were the proud parents of 11 children: Mary, Andrew, Thomas Leonard, Thomas Jr., Joseph, Paul, Sophia, Jessie, Katherine, Frances, and John. Thomas died in 1917 and Frances died in 1946 in Bandera.
Charles and Annie Jureczki Haiduk wedding picture Married May 7th, 1873 in Bandera
Marciana Haiduk with son, Cleophas on her lap, Luke Mazurek with daughter, Monica on his lap.
Vincent and Frances Haiduk, taken for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1934.
    Mary married Gabriel Anderwald, the son of Franz and Elizabeth Anderwald. Mary and Gabriel had 10 children. Thomas Leonard married Annie Anderwald and Thomas Jr. married Mary Jureczki. Katherine married Samual Wasser. More details on the children of Frances and Thomas were in the Anderwald article.
    Charles was born in 1850 and was four when he came to America. He grew up in Bandera and married Annie Jureczki, daughter of Jacob and Thecla Jureczki. They had five children: Marciana, Felix, Simon, Frances Mathilda, and Mary Magalene. Charles Haiduk disappeared on June 25, 1922. Three years later a skeleton was found, believed to be Charles Haiduk. Annie died in 1939.
    Charles' daughter Marciana married Luke Mazurek. They had 11 children: Monica, Cleophas, John Gabe, Lucy, Jacop, Remigius, Dominic, Urban, Thomas E, Matthew, and Ignatius. Luke died in 1958 and Marciana died in 1961 in San Antonio.
    Felix never married and died in 1943.
    Frances Mathilda was married to Henry V. Adamietz and they had five children: John J., Frances Anne (Kalka), Henry R., Felix P., and Marie Glasscock. Henry V. died in 1949 and Frances died in 1960. Frances Mathilda's children were covered in the Adamietz article. Marie Glasscock is 78 and still lives in Bandera.
    Mary Magadalena married John Frank Mazurek and they had four children: Anthony, Dorothy, Clarence, and Ignatius. John died in 1978 and Mary M. died in 1985.
    Rosalie was born in 1857. She grew up in Bandera and was an expert swimmer. The Haiduk's home was close to the Medina River. One day when the Medina River flash-flooded, the Haiduk's home was surrounded by water and it was coming into the house. Rosalie managed to get each family member over the raging water to higher ground. She helped her mother and father who were close to drowning by the time she reached them. She placed her baby sister, Josephine, in a sack that was partially submerged and carried her to safety. Rosalie used crude first-aid methods and revived her sister. Rosalie married Leonard Jureczki in 1873. They had 12 children: John, Kate, Urban, Frank, Rose, Albert, Stella, Cecilia, Matilda, Tom, Annie, and Lucille (Will be covered in the Jureczki article). Leonard died in 1941 and Rosalie died in 1947.
    Agnista (Agnes) was born in 1864 in Bandera. She married Leapold Snoga.
    Vincent was born in 1863 in Bandera. Vincent met his wife, Frances Kotzur, while taking refuge with her family from a storm. He was looking for work near Panna Maria. Vincent and Frances were married in 1884 and settled on a farm near Panna Maria. They had 10 children: Rosalie, Bernard (Ben), Genevieve, Julie Florence, Floryan, Agnes, Henry J, Tekesfor, Barbara (Betty), and Maria. Vincent's daughter, Rosalie, married John Urbanczyki and his daughter Genevieve (Jane) married Ben Urbanczyk. The Vincent Haiduk family moved from their home in Panna Maria to White Deer in 1910. They traveled by train with eight children. They rented the largest boxcar, which was about 50-feet long, to bring their cattle, horses, hogs, furniture, and about 450 bushels of corn. Their son Ben rode in the boxcar to care for the livestock. It took three-and- a-half days for the family to make the 600-mile trip to White Deer.
    Vincent and Frances had a five-room house built northwest of White Deer. On Sunday, the Vincent Haiduk home was where the local Catholic people gathered to pray. In White Deer, the first High Mass was sung by Father Bier at the Vincent Haiduk home, April 17, 1911. The first marriage in White Deer was the daughter of Vincent and Frances Haiduk, Julie Florence, who married Thomas Moczygemba in 1912. Ben married Tekla Mika in Panna Maria in 1912. Agnes married Louis Bednorz and Floryan married Christina Gordzelik, in White Deer. Vincent died in 1952 and Frances died in 1957 in White Deer.
    Josephine was born in 1867 and married Joseph Rutkowski Sr. in Bandera. They moved to Falls City and had seven children: Peter, Petronella, John, Steve, Susie, Joseph Jr., and Sally. Their son John married Sophie Pokluda in Kosciusko, in 1922. Steve lived in Karnes City and never married. Joseph Jr. never married. Joseph Sr. died around 1912 and Josephine died in 1915. They were buried in Falls City.
    Alexander was born in 1869 in Bandera. He married Carolina Snoga in Cestochowa. Alexander and Carolina lived in Falls City. They had 10 children: Julianna, Alexander Jr., Rosie, Justina, John, Virginia, Mary, Clara, Daniel, and Chris. Both Carolina and Alexander died in 1958 and were buried in Falls City. Alexandera's and Carolina's children who married are: Juliana who married Edward Wiatrek; Alexander Jr. who married Amelia Lyssy; Justina who married Louis J. Lyssy Sr.; John who married Laura Haby; Virginia who married Cleophas Dugi; Mary who married Henry Kowalik and Clara, who married Albert Richter.
    Thomas Haiduk was born around 1832 in Poland. It is not known when or how Thomas came to America and Bandera. Many in the Haiduk family believe Thomas was the younger brother of Albert Haiduk and was with the Haiduk family when they came on the ship Weser in 1854. No records have been found in Poland for Albert Haiduk or Thomas Haiduk. In 1862, Thomas and Albert Haiduk were in the same home guard with Captain Bladen Mitchell's 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops in Bandera County.
    Thomas's first marriage was to Catharina Morawietz, recorded in 1856 in the San Fernando Catherdal in San Antonio. Catharina was the daughter of Ludwig and Marianna Morawietz from Kamien Slaski, Poland, who came to Bandera in 1859. Thomas and Catharine had one child, Hedwig, who was baptized on Sept. 11,1857. Catharina died in 1858 at the young age of 19. No burial record has been found. Thomas's second marriage was to Rosalia Hoffman Kotula in 1858. Rosalia Hoffman was born in Poland and was married to John Kotula. After John Kotula died, Rosalia and her son, Joseph, immigrated to America in 1856. Thomas and Rosalia had one son, Thomas Louis, born in 1860. By 1869, Thomas and Rosalia Haiduk had moved to Atascosa County. Rosalia's son, Joseph Cotulla, changed his name from Kotula to Cotulla. Joseph had a cattle ranch in LaSalle County and founded the town of Cotulla. Rosalia and Joseph are both buried in Atascosa County.
    The Haiduk family was part of a growing frontier with many hardships. They met each challenge with determination and success and played a big role in the development of South Texas.
Casper Kalka:
Part 8 in a series of family histories published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.
Story ran March 31, 2005
   Casper Kalka (Kelfer, Kalkau) was born in 1819 in Kadlub, Poland (Prussia). His parents were Simon Kalka and Francisca Petruska. Casper married Marianna Kolibaba in 1847 in St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz, Poland. Casper, Marianna and their two children, Johann and Margaretta, came to America on the ship Weser in 1854. They spent their first Christmas in Panna Maria. Casper and his family left Panna Maria in early 1855 and came to Bandera. He was a farmer and provided well for his family. Casper and Marianna had five children born in America: Marianna, Francisca, Anna, Paulina, and Josepha. During the Civil War, Casper served under Captain Bladen Mitchell in the Bandera County Company, Third Frontier District, Texas State Troops and was paid $2 per day. Casper was issued one rifle. By 1866, the Kalka family had moved to Atascosa County. In 1870, Casper and Marianna's farm included 320 acres. Their livestock were two horses, five milk cows, 10 oxen, 30 other cattle and 30 pigs. They also produced 150 bushels of Indian corn. In 1876, the Las Callinas, Texas home of Casper and Marianna was the site of the first service of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. When the decision was made to build a church, Casper donated an acre of land and deeded property for a parish cemetery and 22.5 feet of land for a road to the cemetery.
    John (Johann) was born in 1849 and baptized in St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz. John married Albina Adamietz in 1879 in Las Gallinas. John died in 1931 and Albina died in 1937. Both John and Albina are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Las Gallinas. Magaretta was born in 1853 in Rozmierz and came to Bandera with Casper and Marianna. Additional information has not been found on Margaretta.
    Marianna was born in 1856. She married Louis Matton in Las Gallinas. Marianna died in 1931 and is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Las Callinas.
Lawrence Kalka, son Joseph Kalka and Anna Morawietz. Photo taken around 1903.
Hattie Ballentyne, wife of Lawrence Kalka. Taken around 1903.
Wedding picture of William Kalka and Christian Duff. Taken in 1938.
Immigrant - Joseph Kalka and wife Anna Moravietz (Morawietz.) Joseph came to America with his older brother, Casper Kalka in 1854.
    Francisca (Frances) was born in 1859. Francisca never married. She died in 1889 and is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Anna was born in 1861. Anna married Benjamin Arnold in 1881. Anna died in 1917 and is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery.
    Paulina was born in 1864. She married Jacob Pawlik in Cestohowa in 1885. Paulina's husband, Jacob, died in 1887. Paulina's second marriage was to Peter Kosob. Paulina died in 1951 and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in St. Hedwig. Josepha (Josephine) was born in 1867. In 1885, Josephine married Kasper Adamietz in Atascosa County. Josephine died in 1949 and was buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Joseph Kalka was born in Kadlub, Poland in 1836. Joseph is the younger brother of Casper Kalka. Joseph was baptized in St. Michael's Catholic Church in Rozmierz, Poland. Joseph was 18 when he came to America with Casper's family in 1854. He settled in Bandera. Joseph's signature appears on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County. Joseph paid taxes on 12 hogs valued at $12 in 1856. In 1857, Joseph purchased two lots in Bandera for $25. In 1858, he married Anna Morawietz (Moravietz), the daughter of Ludwig Morawietz and Marianna Rudolf. During the Civil War, Joseph enlisted in Captain Bladen Mitchell's unit and was issued one rifle. After serving his new country, Joseph became a citizen in 1865. Joseph was a mill worker and also a farmer.
    The Joseph Kalka family lived where wildlife was abundant and Joseph received payment for hides from wild animals. In 1891 and 1892, Joseph was paid $4 for two coyote hides and a dollar for every wildcat scalp. Joseph and Anna owned 140 acres of land on Indian Creek in Bandera. Joseph and Anna were the parents of eight children: Frank, Franciska, Rosemary, Joseph (Jozef), Lawrence, Clemens, Maria, and Alex Joseph died in 1903 and Anna died in 1926. Both Joseph and Anna are buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Frank was born about 1859 and died soon after birth.
    Frances was born in 1860 in Bandera. Frances married John Jacob Dugosh in 1879. They were the parents of 10children: Catherine, Casper, Clara Mary, Joannes, Elizabeth, Joanno, Annie, Cleofus, Florence and Christine. Frances and John's children were featured in the Dugosh story, Part 2. Both Frances and John Jacob died in 1937 and are both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
    Rosemary (Rosie) was born in 1862 in Bandera. Rosemary married Phillip Mazurek, the son of Thomas Mazurek, in 1879. Rosemary and Phillip were the proud parents of 15 children: Victor, Sylvester, Kasper, Victoria, Gertrude, Eva, Pauline, John, Helen, Joseph, Thomas, Stephen, twins, Frank and Frances, and Raymond. Rosie and Phillip's children will be featured later in the Mazurek story. Rosie died in 1918 and Phillip died in 1934. Both Rosemary and Phillip are buried in St. Stanislaus cemetery.
    Jozef (Joseph) was born in 1864 and died in infancy.
    Lawrence was born in 1867 and grew up in Bandera. He was a rancher and owned about 600 acres on the east side of Tarpley Pass, now the site of the Boy Scout Camp. Lawrence married Hattie Ballentyne in 1903. They were the parents of three children: Joseph L., Annie F., and William. Hattie died in 1941. Lawrence died in 1946. Joesph L. married Edna Welch in 1943. Joseph died in 1995. Edna died 2002. Annie F. married Harold Theteford in Bandera. Annie died in 1989. Harold died in 1964. William (Willie) married Christine Duff in 1938 in Bandera. Willie and Christina were the parents of 11 children: Hettie Margaret married Cecil Gilstrap and their children were Tonya and Natasha; Shirley's first marriage was to Sam Bradford and they had a son, Mark. Her second marriage was to David Teague and their two children were Carl and Shanna; Louis Jerome married Evelyn Wilkerson and their children were Lisa and Joan; Thomas married Sue Pick and their children were Heather, Christi, and Tommy; Linda married Charles Samford and their children were Allen and Tracy; Theresa married Jim Fleeman; Mary (Elaine) married Richard Kinsey and their children were Melissa and Kevin; Helen married Andy Wilkerson. They had a son, Andy Lee; Wanda's first marriage was to Jr. Wilkerson and their children were Michele and Tara. Her second marriage was to Tom Swingler.
    Samuel never married.
    Connie married Danny Allen and they had daughter, Candice.
    Clements was born in 1871.Clements married Alice Mary Pue in 1890. Clements farmed and ranched on land that was joined by the old Whitley Ranch, now known as the Dixie Dude Ranch. He hauled freight with a wagon and team from Kerrville to Center Point and many times made a trip all the way to San Antonio. In 1912, Clemens started a molasses business. Clements and Alice Mary's children were Henry Paul, John Valentine, Joseph Arthur, Mary Josephine, Alice Clementine, August, twin boys Frank and Louis (died at birth), Edward, Anthony Bernard, and Christian. Clements died in 1964. Mary Alice died in 1967. Clements' wife, Alice Mary, was the daughter of Arthur Pue Jr. and Mary Minear. Col. J. H. McLeary of the San Antonio Express reported in 1880 that Arthur Pue Jr. was killed by O. C. Marsh in a gunfight outside the old Hay's Saloon in Bandera. Arthur Jr. caught O. C. Marsh cheating in a card game. Marsh pulled his pistol around in front of him. Arthur quickly drew his revolver and told Marsh that he did not wish to hurt him. They both walked over to the bar and talked for over an hour. Marsh refused to smooth things over and left. Marsh got the drop on Arthur and shot him twice in the back after he walked out of the Hays Saloon. Despite being wounded, Arthur managed two shots into O. C. Marsh who died instantly. Arthur Jr. died the next day.
Helen Mazurek
Continued from Thomas Mazurek, April 28: Part 13 in a series of family histories published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.
by Eleanora Dugosh Goodley
Published May 5, 2005
Theodore and wife Mary with children, Henry, Sam and Lucy with Mary’s mother, Annie Kalka.
Theadore as a young cowboy
   Helen was born in 1895. She married Albert Jureczki in 1914. Albert died in 1960. Helen and Albert were the parents of seven children: Leonard, Beatrice, Lloyd, Gervasius, Richard, Mildred, and Charles. Helen and Albert’s children were featured in the Jureczki story.
    Joseph was born in 1897 and died in 1986. He married Helen Pyka in 1920. Joseph and Helen were the parents of six children: Jeanetta, who married John Adamietz and had five children: Gerald, Barbara, Mary, John, and Michael who were featured in the Adamietz story; Dorothy, who married Henry Adamietz and their 10 children were Raymond, Sylvia, Thomas, Margaret, Dorothy, Rita, Constance, Henry, Bryan, and Bernice who were also featured in the Adamietz story; Joseph Jr. married Barbara Jaceshke and their children were Stephen, Cheryl, Linda, and John. They live in California; Helen married Elmer Bills and they had four children: Susan, Michael Joseph, Edward, and Daniel. They also live in California; Lawrence, a twin to Louis, married Gloria Clark; Louis married Mitzie Schulte and their children were Brenda, Linda, and Terry.
    Thomas was born in 1899 and died in 1983. He married Margaret Jureczki in 1920. They had five children: Elmyra, Thomas Jr., William, Walter, and Margaret. Thomas Jr. married Shirley Hilliard and their children were Thomas III, Carol, and Harold. William married Joy Pyburn and they had a son, William Jr.
    Stephen was born in 1901. He died in 1969 of congestive heart failure in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Los Angeles, Calif. He was married to Frances Jones.
    Frances was born in 1905, a twin to Frank. Frances married John T. Kindla. Their children were Rose Mary, John Joseph, Alfred, Thomas (Tommy), and Lois. Frances and John T’s children were featured in the Kindla story.
    Frank, Frances twin, was born in 1905 and died in 1991. He married Clara Mumbrum. They had a daughter, Cynthia, who married Rudolph Steiger.
    Raymond was born in 1908. He married Sarah Bell in 1946.
    Fannie Mazurek, daughter of Thomas and Hedviga, was born about 1857. Additional information has not been found.
    Frances Mazurek, Fannie’s sister, was born in Bandera about 1858 and never married. She died in 1918.
    Theodore Mazurek, the son of Thomas and Hedwiga, was born in 1863 and died in 1951. He worked as a stonemason in Bandera, Kerrville and San Antonio. Theodore married Mary Kalka in 1891. They were the parents of 10 children: Henry, Samuel, Bernice, Lucy, Matthew (died at two-months), Remeigus, Rose, Annie (died at age 3), Ludovicus and Amelia. Theodore was a cowboy going on many cattle drives from San Antonio to Wyoming, leaving Mary and the children to manage the farm on Indian Creek. Mary was a hard worker. She made her own brooms using the long strands from a plant known as the broom weed. Theodore worked as a stonemason in Bandera. In 1915, Theodore moved his family to White Deer. They stayed with the Vincent Haiduks until they found their own farm and home. Theodore worked on a ranch with Billy-the-Kid. He was almost killed by Billy the Kid, but the foreman prevented the killing.
    Henry was born in 1892 and died in 1956. He married Mary Pyka in 1914. They owned a farm on Julian Creek. Henry hauled freight in a wagon pulled by a team of mules. A trip to San Antonio and back would take three days, camping in San Geronimo at night. Henry and Mary were the parents of eight children: Agatha, Stanley, Anna, Helen, Fabian, Elizabeth, Wilfred, and Maria. Henry died in 1956. Mary died in 1965.
    Agatha was born 1915. She worked at Buck’s, the first dude ranch in Bandera. She married Raymond Batto in 1936. They had 11 children: Margie, who died in a tragic accident, Mary Frances who died at birth, John Henry, Raymond Jr., Bernard, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Theresa, Shirley, Barbara, and Patricia.
    John Henry served with the International Voluntary Services in Cambodia in the early 1960s. He met his wife, Lucis Ablao, in the Philippians. They have two children, Eva and John Jr.
    Raymond Jr. married Elizabeth Butts and they have two daughters, Elizabeth and Marie. Elizabeth is the assistant principal at Jourdanton High School, and Marie is a band teacher at Bandera High School.
    Bernard married Teresa Becker. They live in Indiana and Paul teaches at DePauw University. They had five children: Rachel, Nathan, Amos, Jeremiah, and Sarah.
    Betty married Roger Childs. Betty is a teacher’s assistant at Alkek Elementary School in Bandera. They had four children: Roger, Beth, Alice, and Linda.
    Dorothy joined the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in 1959. Dorothy taught school in San Angelo. She was the Diocesan Coordinator of Religious Education and currently operates The Gardens for the spiritual enrichment of women.
    Theresa married Robert Helbert. Theresa moved away from Bandera and returned after Robert died of cancer. Theresa served as the city secretary for Bandera and is currently the assistant city secretary for Helotes. Theresa and Robert had five children: Mary, Kathleen, Robert Jr., Nicholas and Chuck.
    Shirley married Ray Pokorny and they live in Pflugerville. Shirley is the assistant principal at a Pflugerville elementary school. Shirley and Ray had four children: Ryan, Celeste, Tara, and Cody.
    Barbara is the library director for the City of Devine. She married Thomas Jefferson and they have a daughter, Ana.
    Patricia also lives in Pflugerville and has two children, Andy and Laura.
    Stanislaus (Stanley) was born in 1916. He served during WW II. Stanislaus married Cosma Standford and they had a son, Stephen. Later he married Ruth Gessup.
    Anna Mae was born in 1918. She worked for Rosco Hays, the county clerk of Bandera County. She married John Francis (Dick) Evans. Anna Mae and Dick lived in Bandera and later moved to Arkansas. They had six children born in Bandera: John, Mary, Leo, Michael, Gordon, and Thomas. Thomas was killed in a hunting accident in the early 1960s.
    Helen was born in 1920. She worked in the Bandera Post Office. She later moved to Bovina. Helen had a daughter, Mary Ann.
    Fabian was born in 1921. He served in WW II. He was a farmer and a rancher. He married Ouida "Bee" LaBit and moved to Boerne. They raised six children: William, James, Fabian Jr., Ouida, Marilyn, and Edward. Ouida died in 1996. Fabian died in 2003.
    Elizabeth was born in 1924. She also worked at the post office with her sister, Helen. Elizabeth married Joe Hudak. Joe died in a hunting accident. Elizabeth’s second marriage was to James Lassiter. They had three children: Esther, James, and Mary Helen.
    Wilfred was born in 1927. He married Winnie McClendon. They moved to Arkansas where he taught high school. Wilfred and Winnie raised five children: Wilfred Jr., Joseph, Gerald, Malinda, and Mary Jane.
    Marie was born in 1930. She married Horace Rappold. They moved to Arkansas and raised 14 children: Richard, Margaret, Cecil, Thomas, Agatha, Anthony, Helen, Norbert, Dorothy, David, Andrew, Elizabeth, Monica and George. Norbert was ordained into the priesthood in 1999.
    Samuel was born in 1894 and died in 1954. He was a carpenter. Samuel married Frances Kalka in 1922, the daughter of Charles and Julia Kalka. They lived in White Deer. They had five children: Kenneth, Wanda, Samuel Jr., Lois, and Martha. Samuel died in 1954; Mary Frances died in 1987.
    Bernice was born in 1896. She married Joseph Levine and they had five children: Eva, William, Paulina, Esther, and Rachel. Bernice later married Mr. Phillips.
    Lucy was born in 1898 and died in 1993. She married Emmit Pyka and they had two sons, Louis and Matthew (who died in infancy).
    Rose was born in 1902. She married Richard Hamlin and they had no children.
    Annie was born in 1905 and died at age 3.
    Lewis was born in 1908 and died in 1958. He had no children.
    Amelia was born in 1910. She died in a car accident when she was in her early twenties.

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Kiwanis Club of Bandera County
Proud sponsors of the Bandera High School Key Club
and the
Bandera Middle School Builders Club.
All You Can Eat
Fish Fry
Meal includes Beans, Cole Slaw, Fish & Drink
Saturday, Feb. 25,
5 to 8 p.m.
Bandera Fire Department
$10 Adult
$3 Child 12 & under.
All proceeds go to support scholarship fund & community service projects.
For more information about Kiwanis, call 830-510-4649 or 830-796-9194

Western Heritage Cowboy Church Invites the Community to meet us at The RANCH Saturday, March 4, at 11 a.m.
for a
Family Celebration of Texas Independance Day
FREE BBQ Dinner, Family events, Entertainment and more!
Serving from 11 a.m. 'til gone.
7146 FM 1283 ¥ Lakehills
Behind Lakehills Library
Look for the Red & White Tent

Rabies Clinic
Saturday, March 11
Bandera Fire Station
9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Lakehills Civic Center
12:00 (noon) - 3:00 p.m.
Rabies shots: $8
Rabies and DHLPP: $25
Rabies/DHLPP/Bordatella: $40
Rabies shots: $8
Rabies/FVRCP/FeLV: $35
Microchipping available for $20

3917 St Hwy 16 S
5:30 am-10:30 pm
Free bag of Ice with purchase of 12 pac of beer or soda

Nates Scapes logo

Take Hwy. 16 to Pipe Creek, turn on FM 1283 toward Lakehills and follow the Nate’s Scapes and Pottery World signs.

3917 St Hwy 16 S
5:30 am - 10:30 pm
Free bag of Ice with purchase of 12 pac of beer or soda

Bandera Gun Club Inc.

809 Ranch Road 1077
Skeet • Rifle • Pistol • Trap
Sporting Goods & Hunting Supplies
Guns • Ammo • Reloading Supplies
Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor #00006399

Rosa’s Hair Studio
1302 Oak

Hill Country Play & Learn
Now offering
State of the Art
(Video surveillance-key/code access)
Come see our improvements
9184 FM 1283
6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Texas Accents
823 Main Street,
Bandera, Texas
(Across from Wells Fargo Bank)

Don't Let Ball Moss get your trees down!
This is the season to get rid of that moss before the leaves come out.
Our work is Guaranteed
James Jones

Conversions and Productions
35MM Slides
8-Super 8MM Film
16MM Film Silent/Sound
Camcorder Tapes to DVD
Les Walker 830-796-4769
Bandera, Texas

Texas Star Hotel
450 Frontier Town Loop

Sweet Somethings
Sweet Shop Candy
by the piece or by the box
The Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar St

For God and Country
A Christian and Veteran Gift Shop
Rosaries and First Communion Sets, Bibles and Covers, Children's Bibles, Shield of Strength.
Armed Forces pin, caps, car ribbon magnets, items for the military enthusiast.
Variety of residential and commercial flags and poles.
1310 Mulberry, Bandera
Side Street Behind Post Office

Equipment Solutions, Inc.
4141 St. Hwy. 16 S.

Twin Elm Guest Ranch

Unique Gifts
Western Treasures
327 Main Street

331 Main Street
Hand Crafted Western Specialty Shop

Bath & Beauty Products
Sold Exclusively at
The Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar St

American Legion Post #157
Every Friday 7 p.m.
To rent hall call 830-535-6810

Hallmark Cards
When you care to send the best
The Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar St

Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas
For information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons committing crimes against its members/property or wildlife.
(830)589-STOP(7867) or
1-800-792-GAME (4263)
Paid by Ranchers & Landowners Association of Texas

... A Slimmer and Healthier Body
... Increased Energy & Stamina
... Beautiful Hair & Youthful Skin
For information go online at http://BanderaTx.

Spoiled Rotten Hairstyles
Taning & Trends
603 Main

Flower Arrangements with Class for any occasion
The Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar St

Upcoming Schedules
March '06 Texas Wine Trail
September '06 Sail Greek Isles
January '07 Maya Mexico

Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas
protects the property rights of all land owners.
If you own property, you should be a member.
Call 830-796-4750.

Paint & Body
2692 HWY 16 S
OPEN M-F • 8-5

Classy Gifts
for all occasions
The Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar St

Raymond James logo
Daniel R. Anderson, Jr., LUTCF
Financial Advisor
Financial columns available in the Courier.
KM Auto Sales
Bandera's #1 Used Car Source
2018 HWY 16 N (1 mile N of Bandera)
In-House Financing & Warranties available up to 4 Years.
Back 40 Supply logo.jpg
3120 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, TX
American Legion Post 157 hosts a
Community Flea Market
1st Saturday Every Month!
For available spaces call 830-535-6810
Bandera County has a serious stray animal problem.
Do your part to help those who are helping the situation!
Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League
Animal Welfare Society of Bandera County
830-751-2886 (dogs)
830-751-2595 (cats)

For God and Country
A Christian and Veteran Gift Shop
Shields of Strength
Military styled ID tags (Dog Tags)
Available in sports, military, police, firefighter, medic alert and veteran styles.
Authorized for wear with military uniform.
Available to be customized for your church or unit.
Ask for free brochure on history of Shields of Strength.
1310 Mulberry, Bandera
Side Street Behind Post Office
God Bless America and God Bless Texas

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