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Isaac Berry Langford, affectionately know as "Uncle Berry" was the son of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Langford, who came to Bandera from Burnet county in 1864. At the time, Berry Langford was just a lad of 13 years old, having been born June 1, 1851. He grew to manhood here, married Miss Elizabeth Bird (daughter of Samuel Bird and Elvira Lytle; born in the Mormon Colony in Bandera) on March 14, 1872, and lived here until his death March 7, 1914. He served as justice of the peace, county commissioner, and held other positions. He engaged in carpenter work, and opened a shop near his house on Eleventh Street, and also built a two-story hotel near the corner of Pecan and Main Streets, which was known as the Langford House. For a time he operated a livery stable which was located just across the street from the hotel. Isaac helped to build many house in Bandera, including the Frank and Mary Hay Langford house. Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Langford raised a fine family of eight children, five sons and three daughters: Will, Clarence, Allie B., Frank, Ivy B., Leah May, Jennie, and Villa Langford. Mrs. Langford passed away in Bandera August 20, 1926 at the age of 70 years.

---from 100 Years in Bandera:1853-1953, by J. Marvin Hunter, Sr. (page 77)